Penn Jillette was born in the year 1955 and he is actor, inventor, musician, comedian, juggler and magician of American citizenship. He is an author of best-selling book together with his fellow magician Teller from the team Penn & Teller. The book is called God, No! Signs you May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales. This book became the best seller in the first week of its publication. He had been attending The Celebrity Apprentice Season 5. Since 2012, together with Michal Goudeau, they started a podcast called Penn’s Sunday school.

Penn Jillette is well known because of the advocacy he was towards free-market capitalism, libertarianism, scientific skepticism and Atheism.

From his biography, Penn Jillette was born in the city of Greenfield in the state of Massachusetts. His parents are Valda Rudolph who worked as a secretary while the father is Samuel Herbert Jillette and worked in Franklin country Jail as Greenfield. Penn Jillette decided to be atheist when he was still in teens’ age and he read the Bible, asked some questions; and was told to go out of the church. These questions made other members of youth group to be skeptical. He was not happy with traditional acts that were presenting magic craft as authentic but he became happy with James Randi who acknowledged that magic is deception way to entertain but not a supernatural power.

After his graduation in 1973, Penn Jillette started to work with Michael Moschen, his high school classmate in juggling. He attended Ringling Bros, and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. This same year, he came to know Teller through a mutual friend. He formed with Teller a Broadway and Off Broadway theatre show and it toured in the entire nation.

Penn Jillette said that he has addictive personality and said that he never touched alcohol and marijuana since he does not know if he can stop to do it if he starts. He works towards the legalization of drugs and the stop to War On Drugs. He took up Blasphemy Challenge and all this plates were reading godless, no god and atheist. Penn Jillette got married to Emily Zolten. With his wife, they have two children: Moxie Crime Fighter and Zolten. Penn Jillette has a signature style of a red fingernail on the left hand. He said that it is because when he started to perform, her mother suggests getting manicure since people will be watching his hand. He decided to paint all nails red to be a joke.

Afterwards, he is been keeping that fingernail painted red in his mother’s remembrance. It is a Jelly Apple Red made by Essie. Penn Jillette likes to collect song poems. He is available on twitter and Facebook. His net worth is 175 million dollars but it is not clear how much he makes as salary.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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