Raphael Saadiq, a singer, a musician, a producer, a guitarist and a writer by profession came to life on May 14th 1966. He is a Native American and was born in Oakland, California, United States. He was born to his parents in US and had 14 siblings. However the childhood of Saadiq was very troubled as he had to witness the death of many of his brothers and sisters when he was very young. One of his brothers died because of an accident. Another sister of his died in a car accident. Two of his brothers died because of drug addictions. All this had much impact on him as a child, however he never let these things reflect in his music. Very less is known about the love life and relationships of Saadiq and he has seldom remained in news because of this.

Saadiq has the passion for music since a very young age. He started playing instruments at the mere age of 6 years, when most of the children are learning to interact with the outside world. He started singing with a musical group at the age of 9 years. And at the age 12 years, he had permanently joined a professional musical group. At the age of 18, he did a promotional tour for a Prince in San Francisco and gained much popularity there.

According to his biography, Saadiq started his musical career at a young age. He started with the performances at the musical tour of a prince while he was 18 years old. Immediately after returning from the tour, he joined a group named ‘Tony! Toni! Toné!’ which consisted of his brothers as well. They came up with many songs in the group. However Saadiq rose to fame when he came out with a solo track in the group with the name ‘Ask of You’. The track went on to become a major hit in the US and remained on the top of chartbusters for many weeks. Later on Saadiq did many songs with the group.

Saadiq came out with his debut album ‘Instant Vintage’ in 2002. The album was extremely appreciated by the listeners and Saadiq was nominated for many Grammy awards for this album. He later on produced and appeared in his other solo albums like ‘All Hits at the House of Blues’ in 2003, ‘Ray Ray’ in 2004, ‘The Way I See It’ in 2008, ‘Stone Rollin'’ in 2011. The songs from his last album ‘Stone Rollin'’ including ‘Good Man’, ‘Movin' Down the Line’ and others became much popular on the Hollywood chartbusters. Saadiq has been awarded and nominated multiple times. He won the prestigious Grammy Award in 2003 and Soul Train Music Awards in 2011 and has been nominated for many awards like Grammy Awards, BET awards and many others.

Saadiq has got an overall net worth of around $ 16 million and his net worth is projected to increase in the future as well because of his continued work in the music industry.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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