Altair Jarabo’s full name is Altair Jarabo Garcia and she was born in the year 1986 in the city of Mexico in Mexico. She is a fashion model and a model of Mexican origins. She is well known in her antagonist roles in telenovelas. She was in Subete A Mi Moto, Codigo Postal, Inocente De Ti, Pecados Ajenos, En Nomble Del Amor, Al Diablo Con Los Guapos, Abysmo de Pasion, Mi Pecado, Mentir Para Vivir and in Que Te Perdone Dios.

According to her biography, Altair Jarabo started the career like a fashion model in the country of Mexico and her first acting role was in El Penon Del Amaranto where she was Amaranta. In the year 2002, she was in Subete A Mi Moto together with Sandra and Vanessa Acosta.

She got the popularity when she played Isela in the telenovela Inocente De Ti where she co-starred with Helena Rojo and Valentino Lanus. She was in telenovela El Amor No Tiene Precio where she was Vanessa. She played as Afrodita Carvajal in Codigo Postal, a telenovela that targeted teenagers. It was like a remix of Beverly Hills, Baywatch and 90210. Even if it became a success in the entire world, it failed in Mexico.

In the year 2007, she played in Catherine’s role with Lola … Erase Un Vez. She was Melissa for Pecados Ajenos and Valeria for Al Diablo Con Los Guapos. She was in Premios TVyNovela event of 2008. This same year, she played Romina for En Nomble Del Amor and in 2009, she played in the role that was for Vannya Valencia in Mi Pecado. It was a role of Lorena Mendizabal.

She played in Llena de Amor and it was when she was a co-protagonist for the series. In Abismo de pasion, she played Florencia Landucci. In, Mentil Para Vivir telenovela of Rosy Ocampo, she starred like Raquel Ledesma. In the year 2015, she was a Diana Montero in Que te Perdone Dios of Angelli Nesma. She was together with Sabine Moussier and Sergio Goyri. The protagonists were Mark Tacher, Zuria Vega and Rebecca Jones.

Altair Jarabo has been a success in everything she does starting from appearing on magazine covers and brand campaigns.

Altair Jarabo’s parents are Mexican and besides Jorge Jarabo, her brother, she has no other siblings. Her net worth is 185 million dollars. She is owner of The Fat Jarabo Burger chain and she gets a salary from Cover Girl Cosmetics because of their campaigns. Besides screen roles, she has also appeared on stage where she was Annabella in The 39 Steps, a theatrical production of 2010. Altair Jarabo is available on many social websites including twitter and Instagram. She is known to be single now but she had dated many men in the past including Eduardo Yanez , Alejandro Ruiz, Sebastian Zurita and Eugenio Siller.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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