Charles Andrew Stanley, currently known as simply Andy Stanley, was born on 16th May in the year 1958. He drew his first breath in Atlanta, Georgia, in a family of pastor.


After getting basic education in a local school, Andy Stanley enrolled in the Georgia State University, where he obtained a degree in Journalism. Despite having a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, he decided to follow the steps of his father, who worked at the Christian Ministry. So later, Andy Stanley attended the Dallas Theological Seminary, after graduating from which he obtained a Master’s degree.

Career Experience

Immediately after graduating from the seminary, Andy Stanley started to work as Minister to Students and Associate Pastor at the organization called “First Baptist Atlanta”. His career has progressed largely thanks to his idea to create a church, called North Point Community Church, which he, together with other five like-minded persons, realized in 1995. The church has progressed at a quite fast pace, and the North Point Community Church is able to brag about 32,000 visitors every week and 6 campuses now, thus being one of the largest churches in the United States. In particular, the Ministries of North Point helped to found around 20 new churches in Canada and the U.S.

The quick progress and development of the church was achieved to a great extend thanks to its innovative methods for sermons. For instance, Andy Stanley’s videos on YouTube gather hundreds of thousands of views and hundreds of likes. The North Point Community Church tries to reach its flock whenever people are, even if they currently lack time: instead of going to some place to hear Andy, anyone can sit in front of his PC and view a podcast. Moreover, the website of Andy Stanley, called Your Move, comprises a lot of various stories, videos, polls, and other information and materials related to the church.

In particular, the popularity of Stanley’s church can be seen in various ratings: a survey of 2010 found that Andy Stanley is included in the Top 10 of the most influential U.S. pastors. An impressive number of media cited the smart use of media for homilies.

Andy Stanley remains one of the most influential pastors, and he often has speeches in various Christian summits. Even though he is mostly an open person, his net worth remains unavailable (it is known, however, that the net worth of his father is $1.5 million).

Personal life

Too few facts are known about the life of Andy Stanley. He is married to Sandra Stanley, his wife. The couple has three children, named Allie, Garrett, and Andrew. Their family lives in Milton, Georgia.


Apart from the smart and frequent use of media and present-day technologies, Andy Stanley also wrote an impressive number of books after he founded the church. This list includes:

1) Like a Rock (1997)

2) Visioneering (1998)

3) The Seven Checkpoints: Student Journal (2001)

4) Choosing To Cheat (2002)

5) How Good is Good Enough? (2003)

6) Can We Do That? Innovative Practices that will Change the Way You Do Church (2004)

7) Louder Than Words (2004)

8) Creating Community (2004)

9) Seven Practices of Effective Ministry (2004)

10) The Best Question Ever (2004)

11) Fields of Gold (2006)

12) It Came From Within! (2006)

13) Next Generation Leader (2006)

14) Communicating For a Change (2006)

15) The Principle of the Path (2009)

16) The Grace of God (2010)

17) Enemies of the Heart (2011)

18) When Work & Family Collide (2012)

19) Deep & Wide (2012)

20) The New Rules For Love, Sex & Dating (2014).

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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