Alanna Rizzo is the sport reporter for Los Angeles Dodgers and she broadcasts for SportsNet LA. She was born in Colorado and she participated in the tracks and cross country in Sierra High School in Colorado Springs and afterwards, she was inducted in the athletic Hall of Fame of the school. Even if she got undergraduate degree with international business, her interest shifted away of the business world. She went back to University of Colorado in Boulder and she did a MA in the broadcast journalism in the year 2003.

After some stints where she was the sports anchor of CBS station of Wichita Falls in Texas and in Madison, Wisconsin, she became the reporter for Root Sports Rocky Mountain and she got Regional Emmy Awards for three times. She worked at MLB Network since 2012 until 2013. She then reported for the shows of Intentional Talk and also of Quick Pitch of MLB Network.

Alanna Rizzo is married to the hotel executive called Justin Kole. Through her tweets, she said that she had been asked over 1,000 times but she is not related to @cubs Anthony Rizzo but she has over 3 relatives who are called Anthony Rizzo.

Alanna Rizzo is active and also a passionate lady and she is famous on the SportNet Media. She is also a well known journalist and she now works on Sport News. She is also an investigate journalist for the news magazine called Rizzo. Alanna Rizzo has won many awards for her reporting.

Before Alanna Rizzo started to work on MLB News Channel, she was one of the rockies since she worked for the Rocky Mountain and she was the host for the Special Edition. She joined the station when she was anchoring Newsfront. She had worked for many stations and she was working as an anchor for the weekend programs like World view, Hot Stove and Quick Pitch among others. She was working as morning anchor of WSB-TV in Colorado and she was also on Today on The fox. She was a first choice reporter of ALD Series of The Fox Report. She was also on the Pregame Edition on Thursday Night Baseball. She was the first voice reports when the MLB News Radio was launched in the year 2011 and she had also served as the anchor for the evening time news update in her active period for many years. Alanna Rizzo made again appearance at MLB for the MLB Tonight and her arrest case that saw her as the guest to discuss the victory that was attained by the leading teams.

Alanna Rizzo likes to keep most of the information about her secret and she has a noticeable height which is 6 feet with 3 inches. She has great feet with fine legs and sensual picture can be found on her Instagram. Her salary depends on the job she is doing. From the obituary, there is Alanna Rizzo who died in 2010 but it is not her.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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