Erica Johnson was born in British Columbia, in the city of Vancouver. He is a Canadian broadcast journalist and hosts the TV series called Marketplace at CBC Television. She graduated from university of Ryerson in the city of Toronto, she started a journalism career on radio in the year 1987 and she worked on many private radio stations and this include CFRB and CKO of Vancouver. In the year 1990, she started a career at CBC where she was radio news reporter for the Local Toronto affiliate called CBL.

Erica Johnson moved to go to work on CBC television in the year 1993 and she created and reported on The Health Show. She afterwards returned to the Vancouver in order to become the news reporter and the anchor for Vancouver affiliate called CBUT. She has specialty areas that included media and also health reporting with the interest for Pharmaceutical Industry.

Erica Johnson started her career with Marketplace where she was a reporter and then became the Vancouver co-host for the program together with Wendy Mesley of Toronto. Johnson had won many awards and they include Jack Webster Awards, Freddie awards and RTNDA awards. She has been nominated for four times at Gemini Awards since she is the best Host of News and Information program and was nominated for Canadian Screen Award.

Erica Johnson’s mother is Olive and her father is Ross, she has four siblings with one child.

Erica Johnson was expected to join the team of Go Public reporting. She has the skills that had been honed as the host of the CBC program marketplace for over 15 years. The program will be available on TV, radio and on digital platform of CBC. She says that the work she has done as a worker of Marketplace will help her to be able to fight for the little guy and hold the government and corporation accountable. After joining, she will continue to be based in Vancouver and she is joining the forces with the reporter Rosa Marchitelli who is already working on the show. She says that she wishes that the trust that she has gained will help the people to come out to talk about the injustice they have suffered.

Erica Johnson’s is available on many social media, she has a professional profile on linkedin and she has daily posts on his facebook where she posts some pictures of his photography. She should not be confused by Erica Johnson who went to unc. There is also another Erica Johnson who plays as Lieutenant at mash. There is also an Erica Johnson md who got undergraduate degree from University of Virginia.

When Erica Johnson said that she is living Marketplace to join the prime time investigative show consumer, she said that she had worked for the Marketplace since 2000 and she is ready to start a new challenge.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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