Andy Milonakis is a multi talented personality. He is a well known actor, writer, rapper and a comedian. His full name is Andrew Micheal Andy Milonakis, he was born on 30th of January in 1976. His most popular works include his Andy Milonakis Show on MTV and MTV2.

In the year 2003, Andy recorded his video titled “The Super Bowl is gay” which soon got viral all over the internet. Initially he uploaded his video on and then the number of viewers on the same started increasing. This video actually acted like a milestone in his life, as the writer of the popular show Jimmy Kimmel Live approached him to get him on the show after watching this particular video. Rapping is Andy’s another forte, “The Andy Milonakis Rap” was his first song and he posted it on youtube.

Initially, he worked in a trio with Dirt Nasty and Riff Raff but later the group split up so he started his solo songs. Apart from all of this, he has his own cooking show on Youtube. In 2016 Andy decided to join up with Anything4views and Keemstar, the youtubers for a baited podcast. Recent reports of 2017 say that he is the fastest growing streamer.

His biography tells us that Andy suffers from growth hormone deficiency because of which his voice is like that of a young boy even when he is an adult. Because of this reason he was often bullied in his school times. Usually, someone who is fat, not-so-smart kid in school or college is not liked by everyone and is always a victim to bully. Instead of going into depression, Andy took everything positively and converted his weakness to his strength.

He adopted Humor as his tool and made friends with the help of the same. Thus, people around him always feel positive vibes because Andy makes sure that everyone around him always has a smile on his or her face. Humor acted like shield for him and he was so good at it that he decided to make a career out of it. Today, this man is not only a comedian but also a writer, a rapper and an actor.

He is a perfect example of talent portrayed with utmost simplicity. It is not just the smart beard, six pack guys who get a chance in this field, but talent always steals away the whole show and his movies and TV shows are perfect evidences. He updates his twitter regularly and considers his fans as his own family members for all the love they have always given him

He is currently not married and not dating anyone, but always dreams of waking up every morning with his wife on the other bed side and his children playing in the park. In 2005, he played as Nick in “waiting..” ,as Willson Cummings in “Who’s Your Caddy” in 2007 and many more. He works also include Killer Pad, Wieners, Major Movie Star, Extreme Movie, 2 Dudes and a dream, Still waiting, The Adventures of Velvet Prozak, Future-Worm and many more. His present net worth is estimated to be $3 Million.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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