Patricia Smyth was born on 26th June 1957 in the New York City, U.S. She is gifted with a beautiful voice and is a famous singer and a songwriter. Her genres include Rock, pop and new wave while her instruments are vocals, piano and guitar. The lady has done wonders in her field and is active since 1981.  

She was interested in singing since childhood and first performed at the age of 15, she worked as a waitress before gaining grounds in the field of music. Her parents always supported her and she dreamt of becoming a popular singer. Luckily, her dreams came to life and brought great fortune. She gained fame after joining the well known band Scandal, her music videos were then aired on MTV.

Her first album was Never Enough which became very popular and made a position in the top 40 songs of that time. In 1990 she came up with her single “Sometimes Just Ain’t Enough” which also made to the top 10. She also did a song for the motion picture Junior in 1994 for which she was also nominated for the Grammy’s and the Academy Award.

Her biography tells us that Smyth grew up in Gerritsen Beach and joined Scandal in 1981 which was initially a success, but soon there were fights and the group split up. Next, she was offered to join the band Van Halen but refused to be a part of it as she wanted to start her solo career. Thus, Never Enough was her first album which was solo that came up in 1987, since then the girl’s dream took flight to kiss the skies.

She did a duet with Don Henley (from Eagles) which hit number 2 in the top 100 songs in that era, the album was a super hit. In the year 2004, a reunion took place which was initiated by VH1. The reunion of Smyth and the Scandal members which lead to few concerts in the U.S, this was actually a very sweet gesture of VH1. In 2006, a compilation CD of the Scandal which consisted of three songs that were recorded but never released came up in the market, this CD was a remembrance for the 80’s hits.

Initially, the singer was in courtship with Richard Hell who was a musician, things did not go well and later in 1997 she decided to marry again. Patty Smyth now has John McEnroe (tennis player) as her husband and lives a happy married life with her children namely, Ava McEnroe, Anna McEnroe and Ruby Mayers.

She is actually a mother of 6 children, the remaining three are from her husband. The lady has a twitter account and updates it each day. She has millions of fans all over the world and the value of her talent can only be understood by the people of 80’s and 90’s. Patty earns in huge numbers and her present net worth is estimated to be in millions.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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