Cloris Leachman was born on 30th of April 1926 in Des Moines in lowa, U.S.  She went to Illinois State Universiy and Northwestern University. She is an actress and a comedian by profession and has been active in the same since 1942.

She is so brilliant in her work that she has won many awards all her lifetime. She won the Primetime Emmy Award eight times, a Daytime Emmy Award and a Academy Award. She is a versatile person and a beautiful personality. She also competed in Miss America Pageant and was in top 16 in the year 1942, She was thus Miss Chicago. Leachaman’s best works include her role in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, she played Phyllis Lindstorm which was a negative character in the show. She also came in Young Frankenstein in 1974. “The Facts of life” and “The Beverly Hiillbillies” are also in the list of shows for which she has worked for.

In the year 2000, she did a grandma’s role in Malcolm in the Middle and a roadster’s in Comedy Central Roast.

Leachman has two sisters and she is the eldest one. The sister who is on the 2nd number also has a career in the same, acting and singing are her forte as well while the youngest one has no interest in this field. Leachman had a keen interest in acting and thus always dreamt of making a career in the same. In her teens, she did many plays and also studied drama in her university. Her career started kissing the skies from the year 1946.

In 1946, she competed for Miss America and then she made her place in the television industry. Miss America Pageant did not only give her name and fame but also a scholarship to learn acting. Thus, she went to Actors Studio, New York for excelling in acting, she wanted to make her hobby, her profession and she ultimately did. Another evidence of her perfect acting skills is that she was offered a role in William’s Shakespeare’s “As You like It” and obviously, not everyone is so lucky to be offered such a project.

Leachman got married to George Englund in 1953, however things did not go well between the two and they split up in 1979. In the course of 26 years, Leachman along with her husband had five children namely, Bryan, Morgan, Adam, Dinah and George. Bryan however passed away in 1986. Leachman was also on the cover of Alternative Medicine digest in 1997 in which her body was painted with pictures of fruits and also appeared in a PETA advertisement in 2009, apart from all of this she has also done condom advertisement.

In the year 2009, her biography came into the market which was written by her.  Leachman has a huge fan following all over the world, her movies and TV shows gave her a stardom life. Her movies always have high ratings on imdb, she is a rich women, made a healthy income in her career and her present worth is estimated to be $21 million.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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