Kasie S. Hunt was born on May 24, 1985 in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Her parents are Bruce and Krista Hunt. She also has a younger sister, named Carly Hunt, who is known to be a golfer for the Georgetown Hoyas and Maryland Terrapins teams. She studied at the Conestoga High School and graduated in the 2003.

Afterwards she studied at the George Washington University. She earned her bachelor’s degree in the 2006. Later, she continued her education at the St John's College in Cambridge, where she got her master's degree in sociology. During her college time, she interned for the current deputy political director at NBC News, with whom she works currently every day.

Afterwards, she becomes an intern in the political unit of NBC News program. She also served as a health policy reporter and wrote about the passage of the Affordable Care Act for media company CongressDaily of the National Journal. She covered the 2010 midterm elections and wrote an article for Politico newspaper.

Another project for Politico was a race for the GOP nomination in IOWA and New Hampshire. The next year she covered the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney and joined the Associated Press as a national political reporter. In the 2013 she started her work at the NBC News as a reporter and producer. She covered the main events at the Congress and politics.

She has become a regular political reporter on the MSNBC since November 2014. At the same year she traveled all over the country interviewing congressional candidates as well as senators for the "States of Play". Being a political correspondent h wrote a lot for msnbc.com.

Additionally Kasie appeared on MSNBC with Bloomberg shows such “Morning Joe”, “With All Due Respect” as well as “Hardball with Chris Matthews”. Now she is a very successful correspondent, who has a decade of experience covering political campaigns and the major events in the United States. In one of the interviews, she said that she had always been interested in politics, the strategy of maintaining the state and the primates of the legislative system.

Coming from a small town, she achieved a colossal success. And although she has long tried to build a career path for herself, she now admits that now her family is the priority, she wants to achieve success in the circle of loving people, to become a good wife to her mother.

She is not married yet. She dated to Matt Rivera the couple of years and recently, on August 13, 2016 they got engaged. Matt is a senior digital producer for Meet the Press. They met each other at work. There is no information about her previous relationship. Now Kasie and her future husband are planning their upcoming wedding and are thinking of having children a little later. She keeps all her information confidential and loves keeping all her matters private. She is available in the social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Her total net worth is still under evaluating. Currently, she resides in Washington D.C.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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