Al B. Sure was born on June 4, 1968, in the city of Mount Vernon located in Westchester County, New Jersey. Al B Sure is certainly a very famous and accomplished R&B recording artist, record producer and actor. He was nominated for the prestigious Grammy award, three different times. He is also well known for playing the role of himself in the music videos of artists like Yakety Yak, Take it Back and Trash Talk.

Personal Life

Al B. Sure was born as Albert Joseph Brown III to his mother, Cassandra and his father, Albert Brown. Albert’s mother Cassandra was an accountant and his father, Albert Brown was nuclear technician. Albert was a passionate football player at Mount Vernon High School. He was a starting quarterback with excellent ability and mentality.

Even though he was a great player, he decided reject an athletic scholarship from the University of Iowa so that he could pursue his career in music. He had the natural ability to play sports but his true passion was to make music.

He was selected as the winner of the Sony Innovator Talent Search which was conducted by the famous music executive, Quincy Jones. After winning the search, he started working with Jones. Getting validation from Quincy Jones was a positive sign that Al chose the correct career path.

Musical Family

Al B Sure is not currently married. There are many controversies about Al B. Sure’s children. He has three sons, all three are also set to make their careers in the music industry. Albert Brown Jr. is a singer like his father and Devin is a hip hop music producer. All these children are from his former girlfriend, Kim. Nothing is known about why Al broke up with his girlfriend and never married.

Currently, there are rumors that Albert is dating a woman named Karyn White.

Musical Career

Brown did many projects with the music legend, Quincy Jones. The most popular genres that Al made music for was R&B and New Jack Swing. His stage name became Al B. Sure. During his time in the music spotlight, he was said to be the most popular romantic singer and producer of the New Jack Swing era.

The Secret Garden was a platinum single and he worked with Quincy Jones to compose the song. In Effect Mode was the name of his debut album. It was a big success for Al as the album sold more than 2 million copies. The album was released in the 1988 during a time when urban music was starting to get really popular. In 1990, his albums Private Times and The Whole 9 made record sales over of $750,000.


In an interview with the African American Literature Book Club, Al was told that documentary filmmaker, Hisani Dubose was a huge fan of his music. Al was flattered and explained his current projects, “Currently, I'm pitching a production of my own television show. I can't reveal exactly what it is, but I'll be talking about it very soon. I also have a website,, and I'm hosting Slow Jams, the #1 morning radio show. You can find a link to it on my website. I'm on 7 days a week from 5 to 10 AM playing everyone from Beyonce' to Marvin Gaye. Besides that, my latest album is called Honey, I'm Home. I'm trying to bring the romance back to music. Old school… Music is meant to be a part of your blood stream, and if it doesn't affect your bloodstream, then you may as well put it back in the shoebox underneath the bed. My godfather, Quincy Jones, taught me that the melody comes from God, and it is what it is. At the end of the day, what you put into something is what you get out of it.”

Albert Brown has produced the great works of art in the music industry since he started his career in 1988. His famous singles include the Nite and Day, Misunderstanding, Right Now, I Am Still in Love with You, and Had Enuf. Most of his albums were released under the Warner Brothers record label. During his long career, he was able to collaborate with major and talented acts like Heavy D, Jodeci, Marry J Blige, Missy Elliot, Faith Evans, Sista, Keith Sweat, David Bowie, and Usher.

Brown was showered with lots of Grammy as well as AMA (American Music Award) nominations for his superb talent. He went on to win an AMA for the Best R&B Artist. He was also nominated for the Soul Train Awards and won an award for Best New Artist. He also has several New York Music Awards to his name. He was also an amazing writer and producer, who introduced many popular musicians such as Faith Evans, Case and Usher to the music industry. He has also appeared in several TV shows like Private Times, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Good Morning America, Late Night with David Letterman etc.

The latest media appearance he made was on the show called The Ultimate Merger. The show was produced by Donald Trump and featured Omarosa as the bachelorette that the contestants were trying to win the affection of.

Al has encountered every question possible since he has been in the entertainment industry for such a long time. There was one question that he wished someone would ask him,” Yeah, how are you doing Al? People, for the most part, forget to say, how are you? How do you feel today? It as if we're robots or machines. I'm a human being just like you are. And I hurt and love just like everybody else, and people tend to forget that. I think I'm one of the friendliest celebrities around, because I'll stop to talk to anybody who recognizes me. I don't have a negative bone in my body. That's why I could care less about any gossip. It doesn't interest me. I'd rather sit down and write a song.”

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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