Lisa Raye McCoy (50 years old), also known as Lisa Raye, is an actress, fashion designer, model as well as a businesswoman of American nationality. She was born on 23rd September, 1966, in the beautiful city of Chicago, Illinois. Lisa belongs to the African American ethnic group and her ancestors were Native Americans.

Her father, David Ray Mccoy is a successful businessman, based in Chicago and her mother, Katie McCoy, was a professional model, although now retired. Lisa’s other sibling are Alvin Grey, Carolyn, Jelahn McCoy and Cynthia McCoy Richardson. In the year 2009, she was rumored to be in a relationship with Datari Turner. However, it soon got over. At the young age of twenty three, her first child was born on 5th December, 1989, with Kenji Pace being the father. Their relationship, however, was a failure and eventually, they separated.

In 1992, she tied knot with Tony Martin, a handsome young man. Within two years, this relationship, too, proved to be a failure, and they agreed upon a divorce settlement. Again in the year 2006, she decided to get married again. In the April month of the same year, she married Michael Misick. They spent their honeymoon in Bali and Jerusalem.

 Lisa took her education from the University of Eastern Illinois. Throughout her childhood, she was never inclined towards the idea of acting as a career. This, however, changed when her she was persuaded by her stubborn roommate to try her luck at an audition, being held locally. Later, her first debut in the field was in a cheap budget action movie, ‘Reasons’, released in the year 1996.

Although initially, her films earned very little success, she did become famous in the acting community. This might have been the result of her charming smile and a vibrant personality. Her first entry to the world of fame was with her appearance in the popular 1995 American TV series, ‘In the house’.

Lisa also played a minor role on the 1992 show, ‘Martin’. Famous american rapper, Tupac Shakur casted her in his final video, where she got noticed by another popular American rapper, Ice cube. This got her a role in the famous Hollywood movie, ‘The player’s club’ (1989). Her character in the movie was of a deeply troubled stripper, which the audience adored.

Although she commanded a fairly successful acting career, her first actual success was with the 1999 Hollywood movie, ‘The woods’. In 2002, Lisa's career got another boost when she was offered to host the popular American TV series, ‘Source: All Access”. This show mainly targeted the audience dedicated to the hip hop culture. Lisa’s biggest achievement as an actress came with her role in the famous 2002 movie, ‘Civil Brand’.

Although from a modest background, Lisa leads a lavish life, full of handpicked luxuries. These, however, were earned with her extraordinary talents and absolute hard work. Currently, she lives with her family and is a dedicated mother and wife. Her total net worth amounts to ten million American dollars, which not only determines her success, but also the amount of hard work she put it to become this successful.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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