Lisa was born on 4 April 1972 and she was born in Toronto in Canada. The name of her father is David Ray McCoy and the name of Lisa’s mother is not known. It is known that Lisa father was Bengali and he followed Hinduism whereas Lisa’s mother was a Polish citizen. Most of her childhood was spent in Etobicoke and as per the information, Lisa had been quite fluent in Polish as well as Hindi. For a short duration of her childhood, she was also living in Kolkata in India. Her academic records had been great and she completed her schooling from Etobicoke College and Rich view College. She later went to Silverthorne College to complete her education.

Lisa started her career in 1987 after working in an advertisement of Bombay Dyeing and later she got a role in many movies and TV shows. She worked in about 30 Bollywood and Hollywood movies and one of her movie Zahhak are due for release soon. Lisa was also featured in Veerappan and Ishq Forever. Lisa worked in 5 TV shows and she had been the brand ambassador for Rado Watch as well.

In 2009, Lisa was diagnosed with cancer and she suffered from a cancer of White Blood Cells. The name of the disease is known as Multiple Myeloma. She underwent chemotherapy and within a year she recovered completely. The main cure for her cancer was stem cell transplant which helped her in coming back to normal. It is reported that she is not completely cured but she still leads a better life now.

In 2012, Lisa shared the news of her engagement and the same year, Lisa got married to Jason Dehni. Her husband worked as a bank executive and at present, he is working as a consultant. It is known that her marriage ceremony was held in Napa Valley in California. Lisa didn’t have any children from the marriage. She also revealed that she had mostly been vegetarian and she retracts to juice and fruits.

As per the records, Lisa had also been involved in several humanitarian works and she launched a campaign to support cancer patients. She also helped in spreading the awareness about cancer she suffered from and she helped people in understanding the benefits of stem cell.

Lisa also helped Satya Paul in raising funds for Indian Innovation Research Centre and the main aim of IIRC was cancer research. Basically, she had mostly been associated with programs which help the cancer patients and no doubt, she changed the life of several people and she had a very positive impact on the cancer patients. Lisa won several awards and some of the awards she won are Prestigious Women of Action Honor and Diamond Jubilee Medal.

The annual salary is estimated to be 2 Million American dollars and most of her income comes from her roles in movies and TV shows. As per an estimate, Lisa has a total net worth of 20 Million American Dollars and she earned it all by herself.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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