Lisa Askey was the ex-wife of the famous comedian and voice actor, Donald Adeosun Faison, who had a huge fan following. Recently, she passed away though no exact information regarding the reason of her death has been recorded yet.

Early life

Lisa Askey was born in the year 1974 on April 19th. Being the only daughter of her parents, she was brought up with great care. From childhood itself, she had a knack for dancing. To support her interest, her parents ensured her in the best dance school of the town. At the age of 6, she did her first dance performance on the stage during her school festival. She had also received the first award for her excellent dancing.

Besides these, she also excelled in studies. Her mother was a talented mathematician which was one of the reasons of her great interest in Mathematics. She excelled in Mathematics and had also won several competitions during her academic life. Moreover, she also had an interest towards various sports activities. Amongst all the activities, she preferred badminton and was accompanied by her father. After completing her education in school, she got admitted to the best university in the town, where she pursued her further career with mathematics. She even did a research work, on the same subject.

 Personal life

While Lisa was pursuing with her career in London, she met Donald Adeosun Faison, at a party. Donald's talents as a stand-up comedian impressed her and both of them started dating each other. After dating each other for quite some time, they decided to get engaged. Soon after completing their education, they got engaged to each other.

Soon, they tied knot in the year 1997! In 2005, they decided to separate. In these eight years of married life, Lisa had remained detached from the media and public life. She was concentrating in her family life throughout these years. It was only a few times when she was seen with her husband. They also had three children together.

Though the actual reason of their separation was unknown to the media, it has been known that it was a mutual decision between them. Both of them have also been seen together after the divorce took place legally and with mutual consent. Recently, an incident took place which had changed the lives of these people forever.

Recently, during the year 2017 on March 1, Lisa Askey passed away due to some unknown circumstances. Donald and his children were moved by this incident and he even did not go back to work for some time. He and his sons have also paid tribute to Lisa on various social media sites. It can be seen in their prayers that how much they miss Lisa and her presence.


 Nothing much has been recorded regarding her professional achievements and career. She was not a known celebrity from the early years of her life and came across to the media through her husband Donald, who is a very popular actor in the industry.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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