Zachary Walker Hanson, more famous as simply Zac Hanson, was born on 22nd October in the year 1985. He drew the first breath in the family of Diana and Walker Hanson in Arlington, Virginia. Even though he was born in Virginia, he was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, since his family moved there when he was still very little. Zac Hanson has also two older brothers: Taylor and Isaac.

Career Experience

In 1992, he together with the brothers formed a pop rock group called “The Hanson Brothers”. In the same year, they already professionally performed at Tulsa’s Mayfest Arts Festival (when Zac was just 7 years old!). However, the group decided to shorten its name to just “Hanson” in 1993.

At the beginning and in the middle of 1990s, the group recorded a number of songs, such as “Johnny B. Goode”, “Splish Splash”, and “Rockin’ Robin”. Even though all of the brothers initially were pianists, Zac began playing drums while Isaac took on the role of the group’s guitarist. In Tulsa, their hometown, they recorded their first albums: Boomerang (1995) and MMMBop (1996). After a music festival in Texas, the group was found by Christopher Sabec, a manager, who signed them. Shortly after, he found a label that agreed to cooperate with them, and it was Mercury Records.

When they started collaboration with Mercury Records, they almost promptly released their first commercial album, called “Middle of Nowhere” (1997), which had a huge success: 10 million of discs sold around the globe! Then, the governor of Oklahoma announced that the 6 May – the day of the album’s release – is the day of Hanson. Their single “MMMBop” was Top 1 in the charts. Thus, Zac Hanson became one of the few persons who made a number one song in so young age, lagging behind only Michael Jackson.

When Zac was just 11, he got a nomination for a Grammy, by age lagging behind – again – just Michael Jackson. However, he was the youngest songwriter to be nominated for the award.

Shortly after the group’s label merged with another company, Island Def Jam, the brothers decided to abandon cooperation with it in order to get more creative freedom. Later, Zac, together with his brothers, founded the company 3CG Records, their own label, where all the brothers are co-CEOs.

After leaving Island Def Jam, the group has created 4 other albums, done a lot of tours, and even starred in films. The group is also famous for their donations to charity. Once, Zac Hanson and his brothers took part in the FPT.

Up to date, the net worth of Zac Hanson is estimated to be $20 million.

Personal life

In 2006, Zac Hanson married Kate Tucker, who was his girlfriend for a long period of time. Concerning kids, the couple has three kids: George Abraham Walker Hanson (2013), Junia Rosa Ruth Hanson (2010), and Ira Shepherd Hanson (2008).

The group is also very active on Twitter, where they have 145 thousand of followers. In Instragram, not all the brothers are so active, and Isaac stands out in that aspect with myriads of followers.

Zac Hanson is falsely believed to have basketball as his hobby, thanks to Zack Hanson, a famous NBA player. However, he is a completely different person.


During their activity for 24 years, the group has recorded the following albums:

1) Boomerang (1995)

2) MMMBop (1996)

3) Middle of Nowhere (1997)

4) Snowed In (1997)

5) This Time Around (2000)

6) Underneath (2004)

7) The Walk (2007)

8) Shout it Out (2010)

9) Anthem (2013).

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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