Stella Hudgens is a talented actress and he is a former child actress and continued even beyond her childhood. Her birth place is in California, at Ocean Beach in USA. She was born in 1995. She is a younger sister of Vanessa Hudgens and her father is Greg and her mother is Gina Hudgens. She has been in many TV shows and the first one was American Family show when she was at the age of 7. She has also appeared in many short movies.

From her bio, she is around 19 years old and her current boyfriend is Alec Holden. The information on the people she had dated and her current boyfriend is found online. She has many pictures of her on different celebrity sites where she is in Bikini where her perfect body measurement can be found. There is nothing about her net worth but taking into account her talent, she may be having a good net worth.

Stella Hudgens is tall and she has the height of over 5 feet with 4 and ½ inches. There are many movies that made her to become famous and these are Single with Parents, The Memory Thief and Deeply Irresponsible. She has many fans on the websites and she is known to be among the most talented and famous people.

From her biography, Stella Hudgens was born in the State of California in Salinas and he lived with his parents on the West Coast of Oregon on the Southern California. Her mother is Gina and was working in the office jobs and her father is Gregory Hudgens who was working as a firefighter. She was raised in the family of Roman Catholic and her father is a mix of Native American and Irish descent. Her mother was born in Manila, in Philippines and she is a mix of Filipino-Chinese-Spanish Descent. Her grandparents were musicians.

Her sister Vanessa Anne Hudgens is a singer and American actress. She rose to fame with High school Musical series in which she was Gabriella Montez. Hudgens had appeared in different films and in television series of Disney Channels. She featured in the film debut of 2003 film called Thirteen. It is a teenage drama and she was in supporting role. She had mainstream success after the release of the High School musical trilogy and he was a co-star of Zac Efron. Vanessa was in relationship with Zac Efron until 2010. Afterwards, she started the relationship with Austin Butler in 2011. She was asked to pay 1,000 dollars in the restitutions for the damage by the US Forest Service since she covered their initials into a rock and displayed the picture on the Instagram feed. She likes to volunteer for different charities like Best Buddies international among others.

Both Stella Hudgens and Vanessa are yet to be married and none of them has a husband or had any divorce.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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