Zac Efron full name is Zackary David Alexander. He is a Hollywood actor and he became famous when he played a leading role in High School Musical franchise of Disney. His roles are common in comedy genre such as Dirty Grandpa and 17 Again. He had also been successful with melodrama also. He is known to be a gifted singer and some of the songs that that featured in his movies; he is the one who recorded them.

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Zac Efron  Bio

Zac Efron was born to Jews parents, Starla Baskett and David Efron. His father was working like engineer for a power station and his mother was working like a secretary there. Zac Efron grew up with a younger brother called Dylan in the city of Small California town named Arroyo Grande. It is found near Hollywood. Even if they were living inside the movie industry, they were living ordinary life. However, he grew up lively and he wanted to break routine and adding the bright colors into their lives. He would sign the songs without stopping and this would annoy the parents.

Zac Efron Career

His parents noticed that the child was talented and they started to direct him in the best way they can. They would take him to competitions and auditions. At the age of 11, he got enrolled to Alan Hancock College and they entered in the cast for Gypsy and it was staged into the city theatre. The performance had become successful and this opened the career for Zac to star on the stage.

After sometime, Zac was an indispensable young artist in theatre school. He got approved to be in sophisticated and also more responsible roles. He was living up the troupe expectations. He loved to appear in the Peter Pan play playing as the body of Neverland who did not want to grow older. He wanted to portray Peter pan on both the stage and the screens.

The classmates and teachers encouraged Zac to appear on TV, so that he can realize this ambition, the mother started to take him to LA three times every week for auditions. In few months, he was able to become a cast of some small roles for the popular series such as C.S.I Miami, ER, and Firefly.

Zac Efron Wife, dating

When it comes to his personal bio, Zac Efron is known to be popular with women, mostly because of his looks and the list of women he has dated. While filming High School Musical, he was dating another co-star Vanessa Hudgens. They dated for 5 years. After this relationship, he started to date Teresa Palmer. He also had a relationship with Lily Collins, but it failed in 3 months. He started to date a non-actress Sami Miro. He has no wife yet.

Zac Efron Net worth, salary

Zac Efron net worth is counted at 18 million dollars now. But how much he makes as a salary is not disclosed yet.

04 Feb, 2019