Frank Gifford was called Francis Newton Gifford. He was a television sportscaster and American footballer player. He was born in 1930 and died at 84 years in 2015. He had the height of 6 feet with 1 inch and he was of American nationality and white ethnicity. His parents were Weldon Gifford and Lola Mae. His father worked like oil driller. He finished his high school in Bakersfield. Because of poor grade point average for his high school, he did not get any athletic scholarship for the University of Southern California. He joined Bakersfield Junior college and made up a Junior College Team which earned him the grade to join USC and graduated from there in the year 1952.

Frank Gifford started to play in the NFL career where he was in New York Giants where he was playing for both the defense and Offense. He had five trips to go to NFL championship Game and he is biggest season was in the year 1956 when he won the award of being Most Valuable Player. When he had to be laid out because of a hard tackle, he lost over 19 months for his prime career. He was knocked out when Chick Bednarik hit him and he suffered severe head injury and it made him to retire from playing in 1961. However, he returned to play with Giants in the year 1962 and he changed the position from the wide receiver and he started to play for running back.

According to his biography, after retirement, he worked in broadcasting where he was a commentator of NFL at CBS. He joined ABC and he had the most long running sports program that lasted over 28 years. He was also the commentator for ABC programs such as Olympics. As an actor, he appeared like a guest star for NBC TV series known as Hazel. When he joined ABC, he took the place of Keith Jackson. Frank Gifford was married to Maxine Avis Ewart and they started to date since the college period. They had 3 children and they are Victoria, Kylie and Jeff with five grand children. He was reported that he had affair with other women and afterwards, he got married to a fitness trainer called Astrid Lindley and the marriage ended in a divorce. His last wife until his death was Kathee Lee Gifford and they were living together with their daughter and son. They had one birthday and they were hosting one TV show.

Frank Gifford had a net worth of over 18 million dollars. He made it through his salary as a commentator and a player. He had a number of followers on the social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Everyone was crazy about everything he was doing and this is how he became a legend even after his death.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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