Courtenay Chatman

Courtenay Chatman is an ex-wife of an American celebrity. Courtenay Chatman is the ex-wife of Michael Jai White, an American mixed martial fighter. Similarly, Courtenay works as an obstetrician and gynecologist.

Marriage and Career

Courtenay and Michael got married in 2005. They have a daughter together, and her name is Morgan Michelle White. The beautiful Morgan was born in 2008, three years after her parents got married.

Michael Jai White is a versatile and famous American actor known for displaying his skills as a martial artist. Michael was born in 1967. He was raised in the city of New Rochelle in New York. His parents always wanted him to follow his dream of being an actor. He graduated from Central High School in 1985. As a Martial art artist, he has different black belts in various styles, and he loved to pose for photos to show off his martial arts skills. He started to take lessons and learn martial arts at four when he trained in Japanese Jujutsu.

When it comes to his life as an actor, he started his acting career in 1989, in The Toxic Avenger Part II. The audience liked his performance in the sequel of the famous film. After that, he was in many movies, including the Ringmaster, Spawn, Tyson, Trois 2: Pandora's Box, and Freedom Song. He is widely popular for the exceptional performance he had in the movie called Spawn. Spawn was based on the comic book by Todd McFarlane. The comic was popular because it featured a black superhero which was rare during comic books.

Michael Jai White is handsome, and he grabbed the attention of many fans because of his charming looks and dashing personality. Even during his older years, he did not lose any of his charms. Through his acting career, he was successful, and he won the hearts and admiration of many people.

Courtenay was the one who helped in financing her husband's independent films. There was a time where Michael was fed up with the roles he was getting. He wanted to make his movie to let his creativity shine indeed.

Courtenay Chatman came from a well-off family, so she was the one that paid the bills while Michael tried to find acting roles. Michael thought about making a movie called Black Dynamite. The premise of the movie was based on the black exploitation films from the 70s. Instead of it making it a serious action movie, the plan was to make it a comedy. The lead character played by Michael was a stoic and deadly cop. The deadpan delivery of his lines made the audience erupt in laughter. The movie was so successful that it spawned an animated cartoon series with the same name.

Chatman was behind the making of Black Dynamite because she helped finance it. She was very proud of Michael when the film got accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. Chatman always believed in him and felt that he could be successful in any project he took on. She felt sorry for him as he got frustrated with his acting career, and she wanted to raise his spirits. When he brought the idea of making his movie to her, she jumped at the chance to help her husband.


Personal Life and Divorce

The two ended their relationship in a divorce, and afterward, her husband became engaged to a woman named Gillian Iliana Waters. Other people that he was linked to were A.J Johnson, Claudia Jordan, and Sallie Toussaint.

Her husband left Courtenay Chatman after five years of Marriage. The media reported that the reason behind their divorce was a woman named Claudia Jordan. Michael had an off-and-on affair with the former model that appeared on the game show Deal or no Deal for over three years. She would hold a briefcase and look pretty on the show, but she did not do much else.

Claudia lived a few miles away from Michael, and they have been best friends for a long time. Michael became a regular visitor to her house, and he would leave during the night. They would try to hide the affair by having other people at home, but the other people would go so that Claudia and Michael could be alone. Claudia and Michael have been bed buddies under the nose of Courtenay. Claudia had a reputation as someone that slept around Hollywood, but she tried to act like she was innocent when she spoke to the media. She would always place the victim's card and say that she has never done anything wrong. Courtenay found out that Michael's relationship with Claudia had been going on for a long time. She was devastated that her husband could betray her trust after all that she did for him.

It is speculated that Michael wasn't the first man that Claudia caused problems with. She is known to get involved with many married men and does not care about the trouble she causes. A source told a black gossip blog called Bossip about what kind of person Claudia was

" Claudia was the person who pushed Freeney also to start a film and television production company because she wanted him to finance a reality show for her and her girlfriends at the time. Most of whom she is not friends with today. Freeney agreed to the idea and went out and rented office space in the Tracey Edmonds Building on Cahuenga Street in Hollywood, CA, at 40K per month. When Freeney got tired of Claudia and discovered she didn't have a good reputation, he broke it off with her and stopped paying the monthly lease on the office space. Unfortunately, Dwight had already signed a two-year lease to rent the office space in the Edmonds building, and now Tracey Edmonds is suing him for non-payment. The additional info I shared is not relevant to Claudia and Michael sleeping together for the past three years but does give you some insight on the kind of woman Claudia can be."

Whenever the man she was with got caught or ran out of money, Claudia would move on to another victim.

Last Modified: Aug 11, 2021

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