Stacy Sager

Stacy Sager is a popular cheer leader. She cheers for a popular team known as the Luvabulls Chicago Bulls. She is a very good dancer and has also achieved worldwide fame through her performance. She is also recognised as an established and renowned model of the glamour industry.

Stacy Sager was born in the year 1958. We could not gather the information regarding her exact date of birth as she has not shared it on any social media. She spent her early childhood years in Arlington Heights. She lost both her parents after her birth in an accident. Her father passed away in a car accident and just after a week, her mother also passed away. She was only a year then.

Stacy was brought up by her foster parents who were her biological uncle and aunt. She grew up with her cousin in their house which was in the same town only. She hardly remembers her biological parents as she was too young then. She did not even knew that her uncle and aunt are her foster parents till the age of eight. They brought her up like her real parents and gave her all the love and care.

When she was eight years old, Stacy found a picture of her biological parents and got to know the fact. She was very heartbroken at first but she recovered from the state soon. Though she came to know the real fact, there was no change in her love for her foster parents. She was very fond of her aunt, even more than her biological daughter.

She used to share all her secrets and her problems with her aunt. She hardly needed any friend because after her aunt, her cousin was best friend. Stacy had developed a very good bond with her cousin. Both the sisters were very passionate towards dance and used to practice dance together. She also has a classical background in dance, which has helped her to make her footing strong in the dance industry.

Stacy has participated in several dance competitions and has earned several recognitions and awards. She did not perform well in studies but her parents never complained regarding this. They have always encouraged her and have stood by her in every stage of life. They asked her to follow her passion always and to never give up on it. Stacy has earned a lot of popularity and fame in her career which has helped her to secure a good position in the industry.

She has rose to fame because of her appearance as a dancer in the team. After that, she pursued dance as a passion and got engaged with some social works. She is an active social worker and is engaged with many social organisations. Stacy has also voiced regarding some social causes. Apart from this, she does not share much information about her personal life with the media. We could only discover the fact that her husband is a sports journalist and is very popular in the media.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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