Bernard Mcguirk

Bernard McGuirk is a very popular television personality. He is known for his appearances in the media. He is now working as the executive producer of a popular radio program. He is also considered as the role model in the industry because of his struggles in his career.

Bernard McGuirk was born in the year 1957 on October 26th. He spent his early childhood years in South Bronx, New York. He was the only child of his parents and belonged to a lower middle class family. His father worked as a mason and his mother was a teacher in the local primary school. He has not received a luxurious upbringing from childhood, due to the lack of money.

He was sent to the local primary school where his mother used to work because he was not charged the fees. He was an average student and had a lot of interest towards sports and debates but the financial condition of his parents did not allow him to pursue his passion. He used do some part time jobs as a teenager to help himself, financially. Bernard used to give private tutions to the children to earn some money. He hardly got any free time but whenever he got some time, he went to play football with his friends. He has even played on several tournaments from where he has received many honours and awards.

When Bernard was in high school, he was dropped out from the school for not paying the school fees. He took education at home and worked part time as a taxi driver. He wanted to study so he pursued it from a private institution. He funded his education with the money he earned by driving a taxi. He wanted a better career for himself and wanted to give his parents a luxurious lifestyle.

He achieved the graduation degree and went to the university. He pursued his bachelor’s degree from the university. While he was studying in the university, he worked at the radio station. Initially, he used to manage the production unit of the radio station. Later, he used to take care of the operations management in the radio station. After a few years, after gaining some experience, he was heard on the radio as a host.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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