Jerry Taft is a very inspirational television personality. He works as a meteorologist for a popular news channel. He holds the position of a chief meteorologist at the channel. He is a very encouraging person and has amazing leadership qualities, which have helped him to secure a good position in her career.

Jerry Taft was born in the year 1943 on March 14th. He was born in Chicago and lived with his grandparents. Before he was born, his biological parents got separated. He has never really seen his father and has only seen him in pictures and heard about him from his grandparents.

He was very close to his grandparents and stayed with them for most of the time. When he was only seven years old, her mother developed an affair with her colleague. She left him to his grandparents and moved in with her boyfriend. He was emotionally affected when his mother left him to start living with her boyfriend. Though he loved his grandparents a lot, he missed his mother.

After a few years, Jerry’s mother did not even come to meet him on the weekends either. She cut off all the connections with him. He grew up without getting any love from his parents but his grandparents never let him feel that. He had to face many taunts from his friends due to the fact that he was never seen with his parents. He used to remain very depressed due to which he became an introvert. He hardly spoke to anybody and did not even have any friends. He was taken to the counsellor to help him recover from the situation. He attended regular meditation classes and recovery sessions.

As he started recovering, he also started performing well in studies. His grades also improved and he developed a lot of interest towards sports. He also made a few friends because his communication skills got better. He faced the second blow of his life when his best friend passed away in an accident. After his grandparents, his best friend was the closest person to him. When he passed away, he broke down. He felt like he lost everything and was about to go through another mental breakdown but he controlled himself.

Jerry was a fighter and dealt with it; he picked himself up again. He focused in his education and future career goals. He completed his high school education and aspired to be a meteorologist. He studied a major in Geography from the university. He further went ahead and did a course in weather forecasting.

While he was doing the course, he took up some part time jobs at the radio station. He used to give the weather reports on the morning show. Jerry changed several jobs during this time and gained a lot of work experience. He does not share much information about his personal life with the media. We could not record any information about his affairs, girlfriend or wife and children from his recent biography.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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