Elise Jordan

Elise Jordan is a female journalist for the Time magazine and a political commentator for MSNBC. She mainly covers political areas. She was married to Michael Hastings, a popular journalist who died in a tragic car accident in 2013. She is also a writer and a political commentator and travels worldwide. Her real name is Catherine Elise Jordan. She was born in New York, in the country of United States of America. Her father was a Maths teacher and her mother was a professional dancer. Her ethnicity is white and her nationality is American. She was born on April 2nd, 1985 and is currently 32 years of age.

Elise was married to Michael Hastings, a famous war journalist in 2011. She completed her high school from Little Angels high school in New York. She completed her graduation from University of Yale in Journalism.

As a child, Elise was a very notorious. She used to be very naughty in her childhood and her neighbours frequently complained about her to her parents. She was interested in playing baseball and rugby. She also loved dancing. Her favourite singer was Michael Jackson and her favourite movie actor was Al Pacino. Her uncle was a journalist, taking her example she also decided to be a journalist.

Elise has got a good height of five feet five inches. She has got a splendid figure of 32 28 32.She has got fair skin and blonde hair colour. She has got dazzling blue eyes. She keeps posting her pictures on social media and has got a lot of fan following. She met Michael Hastings in 2007, as a part of a TV show. Michael Hastings was a famous journalist who was then covering a story in Baghdad. They got married in 2011.

Michael Hastings died in a tragic road accident in 2013. Many rumours were spread that he held many secrets regarding the American policy in Iraq, and that his death was not an accident but a well planned murder. Nothing was ever proved about the murder theory. The couple were happily married for two years. She had not been seen dating anyone else since then. The couple didn't have any children together. Michael tries to stay strong after her husband's death, and never answers any questions regarding her husband's death. She had focused entirely on her career after her husband's death.

Elise started her career as an article writer for a popular news paper Condoleezza Rice. She also worked for the political magazine The Daily Beast. She also is a contributor for the Time magazine. She is popularly known for her open comments on the political topics. She openly supports the republican views on politics. She has also worked as a director for The National Security Council.

She has been in many controversies due to her harsh comments on the American president Donald Trump. Her comments on social media regarding Donald Trump received mixed responses. Trump supporters slammed her on twitter for her harsh comments. She is a political commentator for MSNBC, which is a famous debate channel on politics.

She has been awarded fearless journalist award for her fearless comments on politicians. She is working very well in her field and may earn many awards in future. Elise’s net worth is around five million USD, which she earned by her career as a journalist and also her husband's leftover property. She also has her own Teaching institute, where she trains the upcoming journalists for future.

Elise is quite famous on facebook. Her username is @elisejordan. Her twitter account has around twenty two thousand followers. Her username on twitter is @realelisejordan. Her instagram has got around 2 thousand followers. Her instagram username is @elisejordan21.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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