Ali Lucia is a famous sportscaster and reporter. She is very successful in her career and holds an American citizenship. She has also received a lot of recognitions for her work. She also reports about the daily weather forecast on the channel. She is an extremely smart and independent woman.

Ali Lucia was born in the United States of America. She was born to her American parents. The exact date and year of her birth was not known as she does not care to share a lot of information with the media. She was brought up in a middle class family in a suburban area. She grew up with her two elder sisters and a younger brother. Ali was the youngest daughter of her parents and was pampered a lot by her parents and sisters.

She was also very beautiful and cute as a child. Her mother always dreamt of making her an actress but her tomboy nature disappointed her. She hardly had any interest in dolls and dressed as a child and played football and other outdoor sports with her guy friends. She did not even listen to the instructions of her parents and always disobeyed them. Her parents were tired of her notorious activities. Her only passion from childhood was singing and she wanted to perform in a rock band in future.

Wherever Ali went, she always carried her guitar. Her parents did not have enough money to fund her musical career and so, she used to watch musical shows on the television to learn playing guitar. When she became a teenager, she excelled at it. She even participated in many music competitions and received many awards and honours.

She developed interest towards anchoring from music. She used to host events in her school. Ali received a lot of popularity as an anchor, for her great voice. Though she wanted to take up music as her career, later she wanted to pursue it as her passion. She earned a lot of fame in her anchoring career before she began her university education.

Seeing her prosperity in this path, her parents advised her to pursue journalism. She earned a bachelor’s degree with a major in journalism from the university. She has even received a scholarship due to her excellent project report in the final year of the university. Ali was awarded with a certificate for her excellent performance in the final year examination of the university.

She has also worked as an intern in a famous news channel. Alia worked as an assistant journalist. She used to gather information and also hosted a morning show on the same channel. She focused more on the sports news which developed from her keen interest towards sports. She is now known as a popular sportscaster and hosts many sports events. Alia also works as an anchor in the news channel and gives weather updates. We could not gather any information regarding her personal life as she keeps it away from the reach of the media.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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