Sheryl Wilbon

Sheryl Wilbon is the wife of a famous sports personality of ESPN, named as Michael Wilbon.

Personal life

Sheryl Wilbon was born in the United States to British parents. She was the only child of her parents and was provided with a good lifestyle, from childhood. Her father and mother were both professionally connected to the sports career as her mother was a sports journalist and her father also had a few good contacts. This was the reason Sheryl showed great interest in sports and loved to play football. During her schooldays, she used to participate in various football matches where she showed her excellent performance and talents.

Later, she joined the university to carry on with further education. She was admitted in the Virginia University with a major, in Foreign affairs. After she completed her graduation, she wanted to pursue law. She pursued law from Duke University after which, she also carried on with her practices for several years. During the year 1997, she got married to the renowned sports caster named as Michael Wilbon. Both of them knew each other for quite a long time before getting into a relationship, through some common friends. They have remained in a relationship for about four years, before deciding to get married.

After marriage, Sheryl had some issues regarding her pregnancy and was not able to conceive, for a long time. However, the couple did not lose hope and continued with their regular check-ups and medications!

In 2008, the couple was blessed with a baby boy. Sheryl and her husband, Michael Wilbon had to go for the surrogacy process of pregnancy as advised by the doctor, due to her major issues. They named the boy as Matthew Raymond Wilbon and the couple do not have any other children issues, till now. Sheryl seems to be very happy in her marital relationship with Michael Wilbon, as it can be concluded through her Instagram profile; and till now, no such controversies have been recorded regarding the relationship of this beautiful couple.


Sheryl Wilbon was a renowned lawyer, by profession. She flourished in her career as a lawyer, within a short period of time. Her points of discussion and proof against the offenders never disappointed her clients. Most importantly, she was a very honest lawyer and always did justice to her profession. It has been recorded that during her professional years, there was not a single case in which she failed to achieve victory.

Though she did not carry her profession for a long time, she was able to achieve much fame within these few years. Though nothing has been recorded regarding her career after her marriage with Michael Wilbon, it seems like she is concentrating in her family life more than her career issues. Sheryl got detached for the media and spotlight completely after her son Matthew was born through surrogacy to take better care as he suffered from an acute medical condition. After she become quite involved in her household life, her net worth has been recorded.