Shara Grylls (nee Shara Cannings Knight) was born in the 1974. There is no information about her early life, education and family, there is no page about her on Wikipedia too. Shara is a housewife, who raises her three children and takes care about their pet two dogs and two cats.

Shara published her own book titled “Marriage Matters”. In this book she wrote advices about how to build the successful and happy marriage. Shara filled her book with interesting timeless quotes, advices, romantic stories, she gathered all of it together, for people, who looking for their happiness in marriage.

In addition to her writers occupation she is also active in charity work. Along with her husband Shara involved in special charity fund work. The couple support and raise money for charities that encourage young people to overcome some of life’s biggest challenges.

Shara was married to Edward Michael Grylls in the 2000. Edward is a British TV host, adventurer, writer and he is mostly known as “Bear Grylls”. The couple is blessed with three sons. They got their first boy Jesse on March of 2003. The second son comes to this world on April 6, 2006. He was named Marmaduke Mickey Percy. The younger boy Huckleberry Edward Jocelyne was born on January 15, 2009. All kids have a three years difference. Shara is a very good wife, who always supporting her husband and sometimes shows to him how she is strict.

Shara once said for an interview “It’s very hard being married to the person who after breaking his back in three different places during a parachuting accident, and then finally fought his way to recovery, and two years after that he entered to the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest. But it's a quite funny if I ever will be out on the wild, he is actually the only one person that I want to do it with!

Edward also said in the interview "I hate being apart with my wife. I have an interesting job, but being so far from my family is the hardest thing. But, the time that we spend together becomes more special”. Once Edward told about one moment when he comes back to his home from a Jungle trip. His wife didn't let him in to the house before a special pill for deworming wasn't eaten by him. It was a funny moment, but it showed how caring mother and wife she is. Besides Edward's worldwide work, he traveling along with her wife Shara, they often visit Bahamas islands.

Shara resides with her children on a barge on the Thames in London. Shara and Edward are the owners of their own island. Their family home is on the North Wales coast on the St. Tudwal Island, off Abersoch, Gwynedd. Shara’s family spends a lot of shiny weekends and holydays on the island. Shara is a strong Christian. In addition she is also involved to the charity works done by her husband. There is no information about her net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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