Shannon Watson

Shannon Watson is an actor born in 1974. He is the actor who portrayed the Vulcan Valiant Cadet at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for the Valiant Episode. He was a background star and he did not get any credit for the work. However, he got identified by a name tag put on his costume which got sold in It’s A Wrap! Sale and Auction at eBay.

According to his biography, Shannon Watson was born in Milwaukee. He got a bachelor of science in the Kinesiology at University of Wisconsin. He got a doctor title for chiropractic. Shannon Watson did acting studies in Hollywood and in Milwaukee. In Hollywood, he learned from Robert Carnegie from Playhouse West. In addition of the medical career, he also worked in film and television shows. He is also a model who appeared at People, Men’s Health and GQ magazines. He had worked as runway model for Jane Barnes, Moschino and Jean Paul Gaultier designers.

Shannon Watson appeared in television work like at Bloomington, The Parkers, Dawn of Our Nation and Will & Grace. He was the star of Medical Diaries documentary at Discovery Channel.

Shannon Watson appeared in the romantic comedy called Kissing a Fool and then in a thriller called Vanilla Sky of Cameron Crowe. He was with Mark Bramhall, Ray Proscia and Armand Schultz. He was also in a thriller of Minorty Report, a science fiction of Steven Spielberg. He appeared with Shannon O’Hurley, Baron Jay, David Doty, Katy Boyer, Caroline Lagerfelt, Patrick Kilpartric and Neal McDonough. He appeared in Men in Black II, a science fiction and he was with Bart Mixon, Gene LeBell, Kevin Grevioux, Derek Mears, Paige Brooks, Mary Stein, Michael Bailey Smith, Michael William Rivkin and Jack Kehler. He made also appearance in The Guardians, a horror film and in The Sleeper, a science fiction thriller.

As a doctor, Shannon Watson works at Pacific Palisades where he helps people to enjoy their life back. He is found at Vital Force Chiropractic and it was designed to help in achieving the wellness objectives. He combines the expertise and skills. The patients who want to receive the treatment, they will be assured of enjoying the best care and he uses the latest technology and equipment.

If you want to be treated by Shannon Watson, you should contact him on his website. He has also a newsletter where people subscribe and they can get information about health facts, resources and wellness articles.

At his service, Shannon Watson will take care of following the right order for the patients to get well soon. For people who feel pain, when they visit his office for the first time, he will help them to feel better. In corrective care phase, he will work on the tissues and muscles so that they can heal completely and this helps to prevent the injury. There is no information of him being married or not.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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