Scott Patterson

Scott Patterson is a well known actor and a musician who belongs to America. He is famous for his acting in the TV series named “Gilmore Girls”. He plays as Luke Danes in this TV series. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 11th of September in the year 1958.

His mother’s name is Hope Gordon and his father’s name is Francis Patterson. His mother was an actress who worked at the “Haddonfield Plays” and “Players Theatre Troupe”. His father was an advertising manager. His parents got divorced in the year 1974. He grew up in Haddonfield, New Jersey and he studied at the Haddonfield Memorial High School. He also studied for a degree in Comparative Literature from the Rutgers University. Scott Patterson has three sisters named- Judy Patterson, Barbara Patterson and Abigail Wiest. Scott also played baseball before entering into acting field, for seven years and he was a professional pitcher.

He started his acting career in the year 1988. Scott is also famous for his role as Agent Strahm in “Saw VI”, “Saw V” and “Saw IV”. Scott went to New York and he studied acting from there. His coaches were Sondra Lee and Robert Lewis. He created his own band named “SMITHRADIO” in the year 2016. He debuted on 23rd November, 2016 with his song “HAHA SONG”. This song became the best seller in the year 2016. This song was on the top among the top 100 songs chart of iTunes of that year under the category of Indie rock songs. This song was released by “Blind Horse Records” which was Scott’s new label.

Scott Patterson got married to Vera Davich in the year 1983. But unfortunately they separated and got divorced just after two years of their marriage in the year 1985. Patterson made a public statement about the reason behind his divorce saying that he was not mature enough to handle a marriage. Patterson did not have any children with his ex wife. Scott Patterson started dating Kristine Saryan in the year 2001. And after that they got married but no information is available about the time of marriage of Scott Patterson and Kristine. Also the IMDb has not given any information regarding their marriage. Kristine is about 24 years younger to Scott Patterson. They are happily married till date. Both Scott and Kristine do not like to speak much about their personal life in public.

They have a son named Nicholas who was born in the month of July in the year 2014. Scott was very happy with the arrival of his first child and posted a picture of his newborn son on Twitter. Kristine is not a famous actress. She played a role in the TV series “Gilmore Girls” and most of the people think that may be Scott Patterson met her for first time here. Kristine played the role of Chrissy in this TV series. Kristine Patterson was born on 18th July, 1982. Kristine also played in “Qualified” and “Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story”. Scott Patterson is also a producer and he is produced Tyler Shields’ film “Outlaw”. He started producing this film in Los Angeles in the year 2013. The estimated net worth of Scott Patterson is about 15 million dollars.