Rhea Seehorn

Rhea Seehorn is American actress and he is well known because he played in Better Call Saul as Kim Wexler. She also played in other roles like in Whitney of NBC; I’m With her of ABC and Franklin &Bash of TNT.

From her biography, Rhea Seehorn was born in the city of Norfolk in Virginia and she grew up in Washington, Arizona and Japan. She did architecture, drawing and painting when she was still young and this was to flow in the footstep of the grandmother and her father. Even if she continued with visual arts, she had growing passion for theater and movies. She got introduced to the contemporary theater when he was still in college. She graduated from the George Mason University in the year 1994 and got the Bachelor of Arts within Art Studio.

Her movies and tv shows credits include Floating and Rider, The Case Against Karen, The Gentlemen and The Pitch. The theater credits included the Broadway production for Seconds From Broadway, All My Sons, The World Over, How I Learned How to Drive, Stop Kiss, Marat/Sade and Freedomland.

When she was in Whitney, she appeared on TV on weekly basis. She was using innate comedic timing in order to put her stamp as Roxanne. She was a no-nonsense divorcee who had the views derived from the way she was paying for the alimony to the ex-husband.

Rhea Seehorn appeared in different productions and they include Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company and Arena Stage. Afterwards, she joined the Playwrights Horizons where she made the Broadway debut in 45 Seconds from Broadway of Neil Simon.

From the time she relocated to live in Los Angeles, she enjoyed the role of many series and she also played as a guest star in Burn Notice, Dollhouse, Trust Me, Head Cases and The closer. The latest was in Franklin & Bash. She appeared together with Tim Allen in The Shaggy Dog of Disney.

As reported at imdb, when Rhea Seehorn was growing up, she wanted to be an actress but she did not know where to start until she got a chance to act in her classes. When her father died, when she was still in the college, he gave her the message that she has to do what she wants with her life. When she took up this advice, she signed up for acting classes and she never regrets it.

When it comes to her personal life, she does not like to talk about it too much. She likes to talk about her on screen relationship but she does not hint on what it is going on with her real life. However, during one of the interview, she said that she had a fiancé who had children. And that she said that her favorite outfit is her partner’s shirt. Her salary and net worth are not recorded for public view. Her Instagram is @rheaseehorn.

Last Modified: Mar 9, 2020

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