Pam Byse’s biography is pretty well known for her husband, Morris Chestnut. Morris is a famous actor and is currently starring in Rosewood.

Personal life

Pam and Morris are married for 20 years. They got married in 1995 and their relationship is still going strong. Pam has two children with Morris. Morris once said that he and Pam have grown together in these 20 years. Pam is seen in public with her husband, a lot. Some records say that they got married in the summer of 1995, the correct date of their marriage is not known.

Though their marriage happened after he became famous in the media’s eyes, there is nothing that we know about their dating life. Pam and Morris were never married before. They were never associated with any other celebrity relationship. There is no evidence of any extra marital affair or domestic violence. Their marital life is going as smooth as possible.

After two years from her marriage, she became mother for the first time. Her son was born in 1997 and her second child was born in the next year. Pam’s childhood is not known to media. It is said that she was born in USA. Morris once said that the first thing that he liked in his wife is her care for her nephew and her family. She was pretty close to her mother and this made Morris fall in love with her. They are currently living in Georgia, USA.

Her career growth or the nature of her career is not known to media. Though she is married to a very famous man, she kept herself away from paparazzi and media. Thus, her personal life is very secretive. She is also keeping her children far away from the eyes of the media

In an interview to a magazine, Morris once stated that he met her wife in a club. He liked her in the first sight and approached her friends to know about her. Her friends warned him not to waste time over her as she would most probably reject him. It is not known whether they got engaged or they directly got married. Their wedding ceremony was also a private event. Her net worth is also not known to media. Other than the fact that she is married to a star husband with two children, her personal life is a blank sheet. Her education, parents, career and other family details are not known to media. Morris also leaks out very less information about their personal life other than the fact that he loves his wife too much. Though she is seen a lot with Morris in many events, she does not give any interview.


Her career before she got married is not known to media. Morris said that she was the one who took care of her family and nephews. It is not known whether she was financially supporting them with a job. After marriage, there are no evidence that she was working. With net worth of Morris, she does not need work even for a day. She has not publically denied that she is not working or vice versa.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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