Nathan Page is an actor of Australian citizenship. He is best known for the commercial voiceover works and being a detective inspector under the name of Jack Robinson in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

From his biography, Nathan Page grew up in the Air force family and he moved many times in Australia when he was still a child. He is a former cyclist and he attended Australian Institute of Sports together with Stuart O’Grady and competed in Europe together with Armstrong. He retired from the professional cycling when he was only 19 because of many injuries and since he was not able to continue to compete in Europe when he does not take the performance enhancing drugs. His time was the time when everyone was taking drugs and it was not easy to have a long career since when you were clean, you may only beat others some time but not always.

Describing this decision of taking up acting, after cycling career, he said that he was in the wilderness for some time and he had nothing to help him out and this is when he decided to do something that had to scare him. He started with the Little Tuesday Night Drama class and he graduated from the Center for Performing Arts in Adelaide in the year 1996.

When Nathan Page started to act, he appeared in some Adelaide productions. He appeared in the films like Strange Fits of Passion in the year 1999 and in Sample People in the year 2000. In the year 2003, he had a recurring role in Third series called The Secret Life of US when he played like Charlie, who was the boyfriend of Richie Blake. In the year 2009, he had the role of Ray Chuck Bennett in the Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities. In Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo, an ABC Mini Series, he played as Alasdair Mac Macdonald who is the husband to Ita Buttrose. After playing this movie, he sued ABC that depicted him as a person who was deserting his family and some performance in Paper Giants was used like evidence. ABC issued apology afterwards.

Nathan Page is married and his wife is Sarah-Yayne Howard. She is a choreographer and a dancer. They have two sons together, Frankie and Duke. His wife was born in South Africa in 1973 but she grew up in the city of Stratford in Taranaki in New Zealand. She studied dancing and graduated in the year 1995. She likes to dance and she even danced while pregnant. In January of 2012, she rehearsed when she was already 7 months pregnant. She is an award winner dancer and she got the Laureate Award from Arts Foundation from New Zealand. There is no rumor of divorce in the near future. His net worth had not been disclosed yet.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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