Maureen Maher

Maureen Maher is a widely known columnist and TV reporter. Nowadays, she hosts America’s most popular television crime series 48 hours CBS NEWS. Biography Maureen Maher was born in Michigan, Detroit.

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Maureen has not brought her Date of Birth in light but some websites claim her to be born in the year 1972. In 2013, it was mentioned that her age is 45, which means her date of birth is somewhere between 1967 and 1968. Her parents were in high school when her mother got pregnant. Later, they gave her up for adoption as the couple was too young to take Maureen’s responsibility. She was adopted when she was an infant. Maureen is an American by nationality but belongs to Irish ethnicity.


Maureen graduated from Loyola University, Chicago. She received her Bachelor's degree of Arts in communications in the year 1991. Maureen started her journey in broadcasting field as a morning news anchor at Chicago based FM WLUW in 1991. She joined WWJ (AM) and WJN-TV after one year in 1992 when she moved to Detroit and worked there for three years.

She got into the limelight while working for WJRT-TV in 1995 after reporting breaking news about the Decker farm raid and Oklahoma City bombing. She joined CBS news in the year 1997. At CBS news she covered stories on Kosova Crisis and Bill Clinton. Slowly, Maureen gained experience and attitude in the broadcasting field and was promoted at CBS news and became a correspondent in the year 1999.

Maureen's team was felicitated with the Emmy Awards 2016 for her applauding coverage on ‘The fall of Taliban’, ‘the Enron scandal’, ‘US natural disasters’, and ‘War on terror’. Being a reporter, it was hard for Maureen to cover stories on wars, disasters and attacks. But she managed and made her way out of all challenges and dangerous news.

She gets a lucrative sum of salary from her work but has not revealed her net worth. It's obvious for a person brave like Maureen Maher to have a net worth in million dollars.

Personal life

Maureen is married and has two children. She never revealed the name of her husband and children in front of media and fans. She resides in Chicago, Illinois, America. Maureen leads a busy professional life, which can be the reason that she has not revealed much about her personal life to media and social network yet fans constantly search and raise questions about her children and husband. Some also claimed that Maureen is a lesbian but later, it was confirmed by many websites that she is married.

Maureen has never got into any controversial stuff, scandals, and rumors. Maureen has a perfect personality. She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall with brown hair and eyes. She is a perfect combination of beauty and talent. Maureen is an active part of social media. She has a twitter handle which goes by the name ”@Maher48hours” and has 5.2k followers she does not has her own but has a profile named 48 hours.

17 Feb, 2018