Martin Lee Gore, popularly known as Martin Gore or Mart (his nickname), came to life on July 23rd 1961. He was born in Dagenham, London, England to his parents who were of varied descent. Gore’s father was an African-American and left him and his mother when Gore was very young. Gore was taken care of by his mother and his step-father. Gore did not know about his real father till the age of 13 years. He only came to know about his father later on and he met him as well in his later years.

Gore is said to have a troubled childhood and he avoids talking about it. Gore is 5' 7¾" (1.72 m) tall in height and is known for his handsome and smart looks. Gore had an interest in music since his young age and he started playing various instruments since he was only 12 years old. Gore however started working as a cashier in bank to earn his living and later on shifted to make a career in music. Gore in his high school started participating in various musical competitions and performing at various clubs. Gore has also had multiple marriages in the past. He was married to his first wife, Suzanne Boisvert, who was a lingerie designer and a model by profession in 1989. The couple had a long relation and they stayed back together. They had 3 kids, 2 of them being the daughters with the name Viva and Ava and one son with the name Calo. However after a long relation, Gore filed for a divorce with his wife Suzanne Boisvert and they both separated in 2006. In June 2014 Gore married his present wife Kerrilee Kaski, who was also his girlfriend in the past. They both have a daughter named Johnnie Lee in 2016.

According to his biography, Gore made his profession in song writing, playing instruments like Guitar, singing and composing music. He started his career performing at various clubs and concerts and later on joined a band named ‘Composition of Sound’. Gore joined the band as a song composer and composed and gave voice in many songs with the band. The Band’s debut album was ‘Speak and Spell’ and the album was an instant hit and consisted of 2 songs composed by Mart. Later on Gore composed music and songs for many years for the artist ‘Dave Gahan’ popularly known as Depeche Mode and earned much fame and popularity because of the compositions. He also did LIVE performances at various promotional tours and concerts and was internationally acclaimed for his performances. He won multiple awards for his performances including the prestigious ‘Ivor Novello Award’ which he won for his international acclaim.

Martin Gore is active on the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and has got many followers on these sites. He is often confused on internet with another person Martin Gore who is the owner at Nanaimo PC repairs. Gore has a total net worth of $65 million which he has earned playing guitar, composing songs and singing in various musical albums and performances.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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