Marjorie Bridges-Woods

Early Life and Education: 

Marjorie Bridges was born in 1955 and raised by her parents in the United States. There is little known about her early years other then she attended the University of Memphis to pursue her bachelors' degree and succeeded in graduating. She picked up the sur-name Woods after one of her previous marriages. Bridges' first marriage was to a gangster named Jimmy Townsend. The pair marriage but were soon caught and he was sentenced to life imprisonment although there remains any credible evidence of this part of her story.


Marjorie Bridges-Woods seems to have spent the majority of her early life trying to make her marriages work but failing twice. It wasn't until she met American comedian Steve Harvey that she knew she found her match. Harvey was also divorced twice previously so they had that in common. The pair walked the aisle and tied the knot in 2007 after some years dating. They were both cautious after having gone through divorces previously. Woods has become known as a fashion mogul since her marriage to Harvey and she seems to have finally found her true passion.

She is an avid social media user with an active Instagram account with over 1.6 million followers making her one of the platform's stars. Since she was born in 1974, that makes her exactly 17 years younger than her third husband Harvey who was born in 1957. Woods' life seemed to change the most when she married Harvey whom she loves very much. The pair has been happily married for over a decade now and they are just as glamorous and popular as ever.

Since becoming Harvey's partner, Woods was thrust in the limelight but it was just the opportunity she had been waiting for and she used it to flaunt her sense of fashion, beauty and modeling skills. She has since become a fashion aficionado and even has her own fashion blog. On the blog, Woods talks about fashion and sometimes spices things up with some food talk. The blog reads in the bio section, "the site chronicles her exciting fashion excursions as well as provides exclusive tips for living lavishly on any budget!"

Woods' favorite city is Paris and she certainly experienced a financial upgrade when married Harvey who has a net worth of over $120 million. But she doesn't just sit at home and play homemaker, Woods is a busy woman who is very into her fashion companies. She even started her own handbag brand called MH for Marjorie Harvey. Woods' self-proclaimed goal is to teach fashion without breaking one's bank.

Although Woods has a series of entrepreneurial ventures of her own, it is unknown what her net worth is and whether she derives income from her companies or relies on her husband to keep them running. If you were to look at her Instagram it would seem she is making plenty of money of her own and she isn't the type to just stay at home doing nothing. Woods is known for her go-get-em attitude and likes to pursue goals.


Personal Life:

Bridges first got married to an alleged criminal, but after divorcing him and trying to marry for the second time, that marriage failed as well. Past rumors say Woods and her ex-husband were involved in drug dealing with her first husband who owned a club. Eventually, the federal police would arrest her husband and the club was sold out. It is also rumored that when Steve Harvey met Woods, she was in deep financial trouble and he helped bail her out. Reports say the pair met at a comedy club and it was Harvey's own bodyguard who told them they would make a good couple. 

There were also rumors that the two of them were having affair while Harvey was still married to his second life but it was later proven false. They were hesitant to marry at first after having both suffered two divorces and to make matters worse, they both had children from multiple previous marriages making paternity something of a confusing mess within their unique little family but that didn't' discourage them from going through with it.

Woods has three children from her previous marriages while Harvey has four children from his previous marriages. He has one son with Mary Lee, his ex-wife. He had twins and a son before with his first wife, Marcia Harvey. There are no rumors about separation. Steve and Bridges are said to be living without any fights or problems. But in 2016, she mentioned her name as Marjorie Bridges-Woods instead of Marjorie Harvey.

Harvey stays busy with a multitude of hobbies. He is known as an author, actor, radio personality and producer, aside from his main job as a comedian. He is perhaps best-known for being the host of popular game shows such as "Family Feud", "The Steve Harvey Morning Show", and "Little Big Shots". Harvey was also the host of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant which you may remember was the subject of mass ridicule and outrage after Harvey accidentally announced the wrong name as the winner of the coveted Miss Universe title. It is safe to say he hasn't been invited back to MC for the event since.

He has also stayed busy writing books such as, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man", "Straight Talk", and "No Chaser: How to Find and Keep a Ma". Where Harvey but really rose to fame was with "The Steve Harvey Show." Harvey has credited Woods with helping change his life and making him a better man. Aside from the eight children between them and each of their three marriages, the couple has four grandchildren.

Today, Woods can be spotted on Instagram taking luxurious selfies on cruise ships and from expensive hotels with her husband Steve Harvey. The couple is said to divide their time between Atlanta and Chicago. The most recent estimates say Woods is worth at least $1 million, mostly through her various endeavors such as the handbag company.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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