Liz Cho is the local television news anchor in New York City. She was born on December 19, 1970 in Concord, Massachusetts, to the Korean-American Dr. Sang I Cho and Donna Weltman Cho, a Jewish American. Dr. Cho is a well known liver and kidney transplant surgeon and led the team that performed the first liver transplant in Boston. Dr. Cho was raised in Korea but immigrated to the United States to practice medicine. Donna Cho was also in the medical field and was employed as a registered nurse. Although her parents were both in the medical field, Liz chose to pursue a different type of career. Liz graduated from Boston University majoring in journalism and history.

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Liz Cho began her career in Newton, Massachusetts where she worked as an editor at New England Cable News. She next worked in Miami, Florida at WPLG.  Next, it was on to Chicago, Illinois where she became a correspondent for ABC NewsOne. Liz Cho quickly moved up the ranks at ABC and served as a correspondent for Good Morning America and anchor for World News Now. In July of 2003, Cho joined WABC-TV as an anchor on Eyewitness News replacing Diana Williams on the 6-11 p.m. edition.

At WABC-TV, where Cho is currently working, she co-anchors the weekday 4-6 p.m. editions of Eyewitness News with Bill Ritter. As a journalist, she covered President Ronald Reagan’s funeral (the first state funeral in 31 years), both Democratic and Republican conventions, and the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. She also covers the local major news stories and has completed other various assignments for ABC network including many important ones such as President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, the initial weeks of the Iraq war, the shooting at Columbine High School and the 1997 tornado destruction in Oklahoma. In 2011, she anchored the station’s new First at 4:00 newscast with David Novarro which was slotted in the hour vacated by The Oprah Winfrey Show departure.

In 2003, the beautiful Liz Cho was named as one of the People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful Women.

Cho was married to Evan Mark Gottlieb in 2008 and together they have a daughter Louisa Simone. Gottlieb, the president of GOCO Development was born and raised in Florida. The couple went through a bitter divorce in 2012. They are now doing what is best for their daughter. The television news anchor says she and Gottlieb divorced following a nasty legal battle over the renovation of their Westchester home.  Cho says she just walked out of her Yonkers home, taking her daughter along with her. The couple had bought the home, a huge mansion with nine bedrooms and four bathrooms valued at $2.2 million, in 2011, but they did not live there for very long as things quickly went south for their relationship. A contractor sued the couple accusing them of cheating him of over $100,000 for upgrading their home.  According to Cho and Gottlieb, they had a verbal agreement that the bill for all construction done would not exceed $343,000. The couple’s lawyer, Matthew Parrott, said that Gottlieb and Cho had not realized the extent of the “damage” caused by the construction company until they bought in another building company to finish the job. He said they are looking “forward to having their rights vindicated in court”. Cho filed for divorce from Gottlieb in 2012.

03 Oct, 2018

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