Lisa Niemi has been an active member of the film industry since 1975.She is also a good dancer, director, and writer. Personal life Born as Lisa Anne Haapaniemi Swayze DePrisco on 26th May 1956, Lisa Anne took birth in the metropolis Texas as the only girl among her 5 other siblings. Her father, Edmond Haapaniemi, worked at Red Cross and her mother, Karin Haapaniemi was a nurse. On many occasions, she has mentioned that her parents are her source of inspiration and always supporting her to pursue her dreams.

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Chasing her dreams to become a dancer in 1974, she joined the Houston Ballet Dance Company. In 1977, she cut short her last name to Niemi and came to be known as Lisa Niemi since then. At the age of 15, while studying at the ballet school, she started dating Patrick Swayze and four years later they married. They lived in New York after marriage, pursuing their career in dance, later on, they shifted to Los Angeles.

It was hard on Lisa when Patrick a victim of cancer, passed away in 2009, the couple was married for thirty-four years. Following his death, Niemi was named the Chief Ambassador of an organization that was established as a relief center for victims of pancreatic cancer and their family members. In July 2011, she was honored with the title of dame and invested in the Royal Order of Francis In 2014, she married a jeweler named, Albert DePrisco. Career

Niemi and Swayze had taken an interest in filmmaking while living in Los Angeles. Together they acted in ‘One Last Dance’ 2003 release; it was written and directed by Niemi herself. Before becoming a movie, it was a critically acclaimed play titled ‘Without a Word’ which bagged a total of 6 Critics Awards. Once again, they were co-stars on the 1987 movie ‘Steel Dawn' and on the 2004 film ‘Beat Angel'.

In 1993, she played a small role in the drama ‘Younger and Younger’ and in 1998 she starred in the thriller ‘Letters from a Killer’. Two of her other films include ‘Slam Dance’, a thriller and ‘She's Having a Baby's, a romance drama. Lisa took the role of a director for the movie ‘Dance’, which released in 1990. Swayze was the choreographer for ‘Urban Cowboy''. Lisa appeared on twenty-three episodes of ‘Super Force’, a TV show which ran for a year.

She was the director of one episode of ‘The Beast’ a television series in which her husband was one of the cast. That episode was the last work Patrick did before his passing in September 2009. Lisa Niemi became the author of the Best Selling novel on New York Times with the publishing of the memoir titled ‘The Time of My Life’ on 29th September 2009, Swayze had made his contributions to the book as well. In 2012, she released another memoir named ‘Worth Fighting for, this too succeeded in earning the title of New York Times Best Seller.

27 Feb, 2018