Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford is an Australian Musician and a band member of 5SOS also known as five seconds of summer.

Personal Life

Michael Clifford’s full name is Michael Gordon Clifford and his loved ones call him Mikey as a nickname. Born on 20th November 1995 in Sydney Australia under Daryl Clifford as his Father and Karen Clifford as his mother. Michael does not have any sibling. His star sign is Scorpio. He used to comment that he hated his middle name.

He attended Norwest Christian College and that is where his other band mates like Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood Attended. But Michael Clifford dropped out of college to pursue a career in music as he had been crazy about music since his childhood. He once stated that he is an emotional guy and is not the type to hide away emotions, but would never cry in front of a girl either.

In an interview, Michael stated that the name of the band would be called Bromance if the name five seconds of summer hadn’t come up. Their first ever concert was performed by Calum and Michael and once in their 5SOS concert, someone had thrown a condom at Michael from a Crowd of People.

Apart from Music, his other hobby is playing games and considered himself a massive gamer. According to their fellow band members, Michael is obsessed with girls. He likes listening to T-Pain, but he does not cook, and his favorite movie is Forest Gump. According to his bandmate, Callum described Michael as the sassiest of the Member of 5SOS.


Clifford career began when he went to Norwest Christian College with his future bandmates, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and started posting videos of themselves performing their own songs and covers on YouTube. They used bongos and sometimes, two guitars the most common covers they made was songs of Blink 182, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. They had a new band member in 2011, their drummer Ashton Irwin and the band was formed completely. They are self-taught musicians. They had been known at the beginning as the band, who opened the one direction concert.

In 2012, they had released two EP and in 2014, released their third one called She Looks So Perfect which was a hit all over the world. They released their debut album called 5 Seconds of Summer. The same year, they had a world tour and released another album called LIVESOS. They had also worked with John Feldmann, a producer.

In 2015, they released another studio album called Sounds Good Feels Good. It consisted of different collaborations with different singers like Joel Madden, All Time Low etc. Their single song She’s Kinda Hot and Jet Black Heart was also released and the song went number one in the UK, US, and Australia on the same day as the release date. They had also toured in the UK, US, and Asia in 2016, in their world tour. Michael Clifford’s net worth is estimated to be about $10 million and as a band of 5sos.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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