David Portnoy

David Portnoy was nicknamed El Presidente and El Pres. He is an American Businessman, a podcaster and a blogger. She is the founder for satirical sports and Barstool sports blog which talks about the lifestyle of Men.

From his biography, David Portnoy is a son of Linda and Michael. He grew up in the city of Swampscott in Massachusetts and went to Swampscott High School. Todd MchShay of ESPN was his classmate. He went to University of Michigan and he graduated with education degree.

In the year 1999, Portnoy went to live in Boston and here he started to work in Yankee group where he was IT Market Research personnel. In four years, he left this company and went to start the Barstool Sports. In 2016, he announced that most of the stake in Barstool had been purchased by The Chemin Group and its headquarter is going to move in New York City. He is the one in charge of the site and he has creative control on the content. In 2015, David Portnoy got arrested by the New York city Policy together with other 3 employees and this is because they handcuffed one another at the floor of the NFL headquarter. This was meant to reflect against Deflategate.

In 2013, Portnoy launched unsuccessful campaign when he wanted to become the Mayor of Boston after Thomas Menino retirement. He was able to rise up to 16,000 in the campaign contribution; he was not able to get enough signatures that would have made him to quality for an election.

For his personal life, David Portnoy is a Jewish and he got married in 2009 to Renee Satherwaite. In 2017, he said, he separated from his wife.

David Portnoy besides being in writing career, he is also a businessman. After the graduation, he decided that he wanted to go back to his home in Boston. When he started to write, he was using black and white pages and he was featuring the gambling spreads and improved what he was writing about in order to attract advertisers.

The franchise sites of his blog are available in different cities like Chicago, Iowa, Philadelphia, Washington and New York City. His site sells branded merchandise and concert tickets. David Portnoy has a net worth estimated to be around 3 million dollars. He had made his money from his businesses and they are doing well. The main source of his net worth is from Barstool Sports and it is targeting common men and it is made by a common man.

At the beginning, David Portnoy was supported entirely online and was being supported by PartyPoker. This is why he was creating the content related to gambling and there were no protest at NFL headquarter or Smokeshows available. Now, it is less than 13 years and he has become one of the well known sports person over the internet and on social media.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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