Chris Bro is known for being a radio host for Punk Rock Radio and is married to an American journalist named Kate Snow.

Famous Journalist Wife

Chris’ wife, Kate Snow is a national correspondent for the NBC news program known as Dateline NBC, Weekend Today and The Today Show. Chris was a longtime boyfriend of Kate and they dated for over a decade before getting married. The two are often seen together in different functions and celebrity events. They have two children, a daughter Abigail Keller and a son Zack Bro. Chris is known to be a very caring husband and a good father.

Kate Snow was born in Bangor, Maine. Afterwards her family moved to live in Upstate New York. She attended Cornell University and got a masters’ degree in Foreign Services from the University of Georgetown. She has been very happy working as a news anchor and journalist. She has been on many different TV shows and got her face seen by many audiences. The latest great news in her career was when she was chosen to anchor NBC Nightly News on Sundays.

She is very active and open on social media, especially on Facebook. She is also active on Twitter where she has more than forty thousand followers and has over ten thousand tweets. Her tweets are a mix of news updates and personal updates. She enjoys using Twitter because it allows her more freedom than when she is on TV. When she is on TV, she has to be careful and follow the script handed from her producers. When she is tweeting, she is able to add some of her personal opinion and insights. Her twitter followers really appreciate her feed because it allows them to get to know her on a personal level. She is applauded by her fans and peers because of her reporting skills. She has become popular among her contemporaries.

Radio Hosting Career

Chris started a 24 hour radio service called, Punk Rock Radio. Chris started the station because he felt that the world needed a punk rock radio station. It is an independent station that is free to listeners. They are loved by fans because they do not run any advertisements.

When asked about why he started as his radio station, Punk Rock Radio, Chris said “It’s actually a good mix of timing in my life, a void filling idea and love of punk rock. I was unhappy with my job, that was more an unstable part-time job than a real full time gig as promised. With time to kill at home I started to tell myself I can’t be unhappy the rest of my life, what will I do, a lot of questions in my mind. I asked myself what kind of job would make me happy? I knew punk rock related work would be fun. Then I realized that lot of web sites, web zines, podcasts, You Tube channels and other media were dedicated to punk rock music, but there was no radio for the music we all love. Hundreds of playlist on Spotify with the same songs over and over split by awkward adds that I really can’t stand and boom! Why keep complaining? When you can create your own media, with your own vision of it and air some good music on the radio.”


Chris has always been a big fan and lover of Punk Rock, “Love at first sight or note I should say. I don’t know, I grew up as a teenager in the 90’s in a small town outside Québec city. Trying to skate in summer and snowboard in the winter like most of the kids around. Listening to crappy cassette tapes that my friend stole from his older brother. The 80’s have exposure these days, while nobody talks about the 90’s. It was cool growing up back then and to be a part of the golden days of punk rock.”

Marrying the Right Woman

Chris’ wife, Kate is a famous broadcast journalist but he also values her background. There is a reason why she is the great person she is and her family has a lot to do with her success. Her father is Dean R Snow who was an anthropologist and also an Iroquoian expert. He was working at Pennsylvania State University’s as professor.

Kate’s family upbringing made her interested in social causes. She was a correspondent of the Democrats in the presidential Race of 2008. She was following the events of Hillary Clinton and bringing the news to the party supporters. Kate is associated to different charitable organizations and the list includes Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America and also the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Kate has a stunning appearance and charismatic personality. She maintains her excellent figure through dieting and exercising. She likes to be healthy and fit because she regular appears on camera. She understands that her appearance is a big part of her job. The presentation is important because the substance won’t get any attention if the total package isn’t right. Even though she is getting older in age, she still continues to captivate the attention of the viewers.

Being a radio host, Chris understands how demanding his wife’s job is. He doesn’t get on her case when she has a busy schedule because he knows what comes with the job. He tries to be very supportive and give her space when she needs it. He doesn’t want to suffocate her because he knows that some days can be filled with stress. When she is in a good mood and wants to celebrate a big event, Chris is always there to lend a helping hand. The family is raising their children in a transparent and open way. They tell them what they should know depending on their age. They work together to teach the fundamentals of life and education to help out their children. They realize that their children are growing up in a unique situation because they have two parents who are in the media business.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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