Kenny Lattimore, a presently renowned American R&B singer whose real name is Keneth Lattimore, was born on 10th April in the year 1970. He was born in a family of musicians, with whom he spent all his childhood in Washington, D.C (the place of his birth).


First, Kenny Lattimore studied at the Eleanor Roosevelt High School, which is located in Greenbelt, Maryland. Already at that time, the future singer started to perform different genres of music – from R&B to classical compositions – that became kind of his hobby. Despite his passion and talent in music, he took a decision to enroll at Howard University, where he chose a major, surprisingly, in Architecture and City Planning.

Career Experience

Despite the fact that Kenny had chosen a different from the music major at the university, he did not abandon his hobby. At first, he joined a vocal band under the name Maniquin. The group struck a deal with Epic Records, a U.S. record company, in 1987, which led to the creation of their first album a couple of years later. However, the album could brag about high position in charts, and so the band decided to get rid of it. A year later, in 1990, Keneth took a decision to leave the group.

Since then, Kenny Lattimore has started to write new songs and entered into cooperation with various performers. Jon Lucien and Glenn Jones took part in recording Kenny’s songs, while the singer was the most productive in cooperation with Dem Twizz. At that time, major labels took into account their tapes. However, after being disappointed in performing in the group, Kenny Lattimore pursued the career of the solo artist. In 1993, forced by such circumstances, he took a decision to move to New York.

In New York, he achieved a great success after striking a deal with Columbia. A number of artists, such as Barry Eastmond, Dave Hall, Keith and Keneth Crouch, Herb Middleton, Kipper Jones, and Jimmy Abney, participated in the creation of Kenny’s first album, where the singer co-wrote the half, six out of twelve, of songs. In 1996, the album under the name Kenny Lattimore appeared first time, and it was seeing then a great success in the number of sales. One of the album’s songs, “Never Too Busy”, was included in the list of the top 40 R&B songs. After such a success, Kenny Lattimore issued 6 albums more, 2 of which were recorded in cooperation with Chante Moore, his ex-wife.

The current net worth of this highly popular R&B singer is equal to $2 million.

Personal life

In 2002, Kenny Lattimore married Chante Moore, also an American R&B singer, with whom, while he was in the marriage with her, the singer recorded two albums. However, his wife announced about their decision to separate on 27th July in the year 2011. The couple still has a son, named Kenny, who was born in 2003.

Kenny Lattimore is also very active on Twitter, where he has over 93 thousand of followers and over 19 thousand of twits. A slight fewer number, 69 thousand, Kenny has in Instagram, where he regularly updates his photos.


Kenny Lattimore’s work resulted in 8 albums, including the one recorded in the band Maniquin:

1) Maniquin (1989)

2) Kenny Lattimore (1996)

3) From the Soul of Man (1998)

4) Weekend (2001)

5) Things That Lovers Do (2003)

6) Uncovered/covered (2006)

7) Timeless (2008)

8) Anatomy Of A Love Song (2015).

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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