Jonathan Scott Frakes was born on 19th August 1952 in Bellefonte. He is now 63 years old. He is an actor, director, and author. He is very tall man as he has a height of 6 feet 4 inches. His father is Doris J. Yingling and mother is Dr. James Frakes. His parents shifted with him and his younger brother Daniel to Bethlehem in eastern Pennsylvania. He has completed his graduation from Liberty High School which is Bethlehem's in the year 1970.

At high school he played for “Grenadier Band”. When he completed his graduation, he got himself enrolled in psychology major at Pennsylvania State University. In the next summer, Frakes worked as usher for a theater and there he had observed how his peer group is enjoying acting. After this he got motivated to switch to theater arts and then he got graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1974. Later on, he moved to Boston to do a master’s degree from Harvard University and he completed it in the year 1976. When Frakes was growing up his father introduced him to jazz and then he started playing trombone when he came to fourth grade. According to his childhood friend, Frakes as a child was friendly, funny, social and he had the talent of becoming an actor according to a childhood friend.

His private life is also wonderful just like his career. Jonathan Scott met Genie Francis on the TV show opera “Bare Essence” and later on they again met while making of the miniseries “North and South”. They started dating in 1985 and got engaged in the year 1986. They got married on 28th May 1988 and live together in Los Angeles. The couple seems to be happy and have a strong bond and they have they very minimum probability of a divorce. He has two lovely children. The good names of his children are “Jameson Frakes” who is the elder one and “Elizabeth Frakes” who is younger one.

Jonathan Frakes is a very well-known for his character of “Commander William Riker” for the television series “Generation”. He has also hosted television series “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction”. In the year 2011, he had narrated the History Channel documentary called “Lee and Grant”. He also gave voice to the actor “David Xanatos” in the series of Gargoyles for Disney.

Jonathan has directed and also appeared as an actor in Star Trek’s “First Contact” and “Insurrection”. He also has directed the episodes of Castle "Kill the Messenger" and "The Final Frontier".

In the episode of "The Final Frontier" of Castle he had a very small role as the Castle's number one fan. He is also written a novel called “The Abductors: Conspiracy”. Jonathan Frakes, who recently directed Falling Skies Season 3rd episode and Burn Notice and Leverage, has given the TV Line a peek.

According to the “Celebrity Net Worth”, Jonathan net worth is estimated to be $12 million. He is very active on Twitter. He has 318k followers on twitter.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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