Jonathan Coachman

Jonathan Wilian Coachman, who also has the nickname “The Coach”, was born on 12th August in the year 1972. His birth took place in a tiny city in Kansas of some 13 thousand inhabitants, called McPherson.


In his native city, he enrolled in the McPherson High School, where he was a quite prominent basketball player. He even enjoyed two successful championships, after which he enrolled in the McPherson College. There, he continued to be a basketball player, but this time he played for the team of the college. Moreover, Jonathan Coachman even while studying at the high school was an extremely versatile person: he worked as an editor of the sport page for the newspaper of his school, took part in theatrical performances, and commented basketball and football radio broadcasts.

Career Experience

Jonathan Coachman began his career as a sports reporter for KAKE. At the same time, he played in a number of instructional, educational movies for high school. Later, Coachman was employed by the KMBC-TV, a local news station in Kansas City.

However, the thing Jonathan Coachman is best-known for is his career in the WWE, where he was working as a commentator and interviewer. Then, Jonathan Coachman was becoming more and more recognized about sport fans. His unique way of enthusiastically entertaining the fans gained popularity among many of those engaged in the work of the organization. In 2002, the Coach became a lead presenter on the show Sunday Night Heat, where he worked with Tommy Dreamer and Al Snow. In 2003, he shocked the public and many members of the organization when he opted to support and cooperate with Eric Bischoff. His career progressed, and Jonathan struck another contract with the World Wresting Entertainment in 2005. He became a broadcast partner of Michael Cole in 2008, with whom he cooperated up to his exit from the organization.

After spending 9 years on working for the organization, he decided to leave it in 2008 with the purpose to take a job at ESPN Radio, a popular U.S. radio network for sport. However, he debuted on the radio network only in summer 2015, where he observed the brightest moments of the week in wrestling. However, apart from his work for the wrestling company, Jonathan also worked for a number of media where he commented baseball, basketball, football, and even softball.

Jonathan Coachman also starred in a number of movies and TV shows, including movies like ECW One Night Stand, WWE Day of Reckoning as well as its sequel, and others. His net worth is believed to amount $500 thousand.

Personal life

Jonathan Coachman is married to a one-time college athlete, who later became a personal trainer. With Amy, his wife, Jonathan is lucky to have two children: a boy, named JJ, and a girl, named Kayana. Even though there were a lot of rumors about the past of both them, the couple seems to be doing quite well and does not experience a lot of distress in their personal life. He is highly popular on Twitter, where he brags about 102 thousand of followers.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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