Duane Chapman

Duane Chapman Bio (Wiki)

He is a famous American bounty hunter. He is mostly known as Duane “The Dog” Chapman, which is his nickname. Chapman’s success in his field led him to a TV show where he played the role as himself.

Duane Chapman Personal Life and Age

Duane Chapman was born as Duane Lee Chapman in Denver, Colorado on 2nd February 1953. Chapman’s biography is full of incidents in which he has been involved. There is very little information about his parents and siblings. Duane’s father was a Navy Welder and mother was a minister. He has 4 younger siblings. There is no information about his early childhood and education.

Duane Chapman Struggle

Duane’s has faced a lot of troubles throughout his life. The famous bounty hunter encountered with the law on a lot of occasions in the past, when he was a teenager. He was arrested in a robbery case. Other than the small incidents when Duane broke the law and got into trouble, once he was found guilty being involved in a murder case, was charged with a law suit and faced a five years long sentence in the year 1977, when he was 24. It was the case of murder when his friend accidentally killed a person. He spent 18 months in a prison in Texas and was released in 1979.

Duane Chapman Married and Divorced

Duane’s marital life was also affected by the murder incident which got him to prison. Chapman was married to La Fonda Sue who divorced him in 1977 when he was in jail. Duane has gone through a divorce 4 times. He got married to Anne in 1979 when he got out of the prison. Duane’s second marriage couldn’t last long either and the couple got separated in 1982. The bounty hunter got into a matrimonial relationship with Lyssa Rae again in 1982 and got divorced for the third time in 1991. In 1991, Duane got married for the fourth time which couldn’t last long enough and the couple separated their ways in 2002. Chapman is currently in a matrimonial relationship with Alice Elizabeth to whom he got married in 2006. He has 12 children from all the relationships.

 Duane Chapman Career Path

Chapman got interested in the profession of Bail bondsman and bounty hunting after he got out of the prison in 1979. According to the bounty hunter himself, when he was in the prison he saved a prisoner by tackling him, who was trying to escape and could have gotten shot. Duane was given remarks by an officer for this act which led him to become a bounty hunter. Chapman started his journey as a bounty hunter from Hawaii where he started his Bail Bondsman business with his girlfriend Beth and his partner. Duane claimed to have captured around 6000 fugitives from the law in 20 years of his career.

Duane Chapman Net Worth and Facts

His successful business and high profile capture got the attention of the entertainment industry. Chapman debuted his acting career from a Television series named “Dog the Bounty Hunter”. He also appeared in other TV shows including Hawaii Five-0. There is no record of any awards in his name. Duane’s net worth is around 6 million dollars. He has written 2 books named 'You can run but you can't hide' and 'When Mercy is shown, Mercy is given'.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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