Dave Attell

Dave Attell also called David Attell was born in the year 1965 and he is American standup comedian, actor and writer. He is known to be the host of the insomniac with Dave Attell at Comedy Central. This gave him some cult following. He was born in the city of Queens, in New York and he grew up in the city of Rockville Centre of New York. He is now living in New York City. Bill Burr and Patton Oswalt had called him one of the greatest off color comedians who are still alive.

Dave Attell finished his education at New York University of 1987 and he had a degree of communication. He worked first in the menial job in the day and at night; he would visit the comedy clubs. His first gig was at Levittown of the governor. According to him, it total bombed.

The first appearance of Attell on the television was in the year 1988 at Stand up spotlight of VH1. This featured appearance of other people such as Wanda Sykes, Jay Mohr, Jeff Garlin, Margaret Cho and Lewis Black.

Dave Attell’s biggest break was achieved in November, 23, 1993. This is when he made the appearance at the Late Show with David Letterman. The appearance was viewed by the creator of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels. He recruited him to be the writer and he was performing on some occasions. Afterwards, he was seen by Chris Farley and it was during the Rudy Giuliani inauguration sketch. He worked on this show since 1993 until 1994.

Dave Attell featured on the HBO specialist together with the up and comers Dave Chappelle, Eric Tunney, Anthony Clark and Louis CK. He was the featured performer at Young Comedian Special and it was hosted by Garry Shandling. He got 60 minutes special at HBO comedy showcase. He became to be viewed as the comedian’s comedian and become the pioneer of Black humor and blue comedy.

According to his biography, Attell had appeared at Squiggly Dave at Dr Katz, Professional Therapist. The network gave Attell the installment at Comedy Central Presents series.

Dave Attell acted in Los Enchiladas as Don. This is a film written, directed and produced by the Comedian Mitch Hedberg. Hedberg was a star with Marc Maron and Todd Barry. He was also in the short film called The Office Party and he was also Don.

More information about him such as who is his parents or other siblings but Monica Attell are not recorded. Monica, his sister is in a rock band named Zeta Bane. He is also in game commentator for Playstation 2, Outlaw Golf 2 and Xbox. His, net worth is 6 million, his twitter is @attell and his Instagram is @daveattell. His current age is, and he is a producer of you made it Weird podcast