Bishop Eddie Long

Bishop Eddie Long was born on 12th May 1953 in North Carolina, according to his biography. He attended the International College of Excellence, from where he earned his doctorate in Pastoral Ministry. Eddie went to North Carolina Central University, from where he earned his bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Eddie was born to Hattie Long and Rev. Floyd Long. He donated a huge amount of $1 million to the North Carolina University to establish a professorship in his name.

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He was married to Dabara Houston from 1981 to 1985. The couple got divorced. He was married to Vanessa Griffin since 1990. Eddie has been blessed with four kids namely Jared, Edward, Taylor and Eric Long.

Pastor Eddie Long's death took place on 15th January 2017 in Georgia, United States. There was much speculation about his health. He proclaimed that cancer would not kill his spirit nor his faith.


The American Pastor, Eddie Lee Long served at the New Birth Missionary from 1987 to 2017. He was a supporter of George Bush's faith-based initiatives. US Administration for children & families granted $1 million to Bishop Eddie's ministry. Eddie was honored a Torah Scroll by a Jewish preacher Ralph Messer, symbolically exalting him to a position of spiritual Kingship.

According to CNN sources, Eddie condemns homosexual behavior. He led a march with a civil right leader Bernice King to protest against same-sex marriage. Eddie proposed to limit marriage rights only to couples with one woman and one man. He was considered one of the most malevolent homophobic Black leaders in the anti-gay movement. He was attached to many controversies.

Bishop Eddie was also alleged of coercing Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson and Jamal Parris into a sexual relationship with him. Eddie denied the allegations through his lawyers. He was the author of many books such as The Power of a Wise Woman, Your Vision is too Small, Deliver Me from Adam and The Blessing in Giving. Bishop Eddie was considered one of the very renowned and esteemed pastors in Georgia.

Eddie had 58.4k followers on Twitter. He had 11.3k followers on Instagram. He has 208,679 followers on Facebook. Bishop Eddie had earned a Net worth of $5 million.


Eddie Lee Long was awarded with the Trumpet award. The American pastor was honored with an Emmy award for his broadcast called Bishop Long's Broadcast Taking Authority. His broadcast used to air on Trinity Broadcast network and is viewed by over 270 million people.

18 Oct, 2018