Victor Williams

Victor Williams a popular celebrity of television and films born in the year 1970, September 18, lived with a popular American dream. He was born in New York; he was way tall in comparison to his fellows. He began his early training at Midwood High School.He was really popular because of his height that is 6 feet 6 inches. He was a forward player at school basketball team. He was unstoppable during basketball due to his height advantage. This made him very popular among his peers at school.After his school, he took admission at Binghamton University in New York. After completing a bachelor, he took admission in Master of Fine Arts. He has plans to pursue acting as a professional career. As he said once I love the actor’s life as long as I am alive, I am enjoying it to the fullest of energies, like my favorite Byron Jennings.

It's an uphill task to be in the limelight and melt audience's hearts for a long time; however William has successful at it till now. He stills the heartthrob of people around the world. His movies, dramaseagerly await for their release. He has worked in lots of movies includes Hungry Heads, Me &Mr Jones, Bewitched, Preacher’s Wife are most famous one and still remember for his role. According to critics, he has a quality to absorb into the roles and adopt the persona of character so easily, its unmatched talent could be God gifted. His role in the preacher’s house as Robbiee was one example of it. Similarly, his role of jersey in Mr.&Mrs. Jones depict the same class. He has also replicated his performance in movies such as Russell in Cop Land and a policeman character in Law and Order. Likewise in his movies Bewitcher, With or Without You and Hungry Head he has affected his audience with his excellence in taking up his character.Nevertheless, the role which has made him the permanent place in the audience’s hearts is Deacon Plamer- best buddy of character Dough Heffernan in the series King of Queen.Audience and critics adored his character every bit in this series, but he never gives up. He showered his audience with TV series Jamie Fox show and Phil in Fringe.

For celebrity with this sort of fame it is impossible to hide his personal fame from the eyes of a camera, however,  he has kept his personal life very private, till now his personal affairs have not been part of mainstream media. He has a girlfriend Karen Pittman and both have a daughter. He has strain full relation and broke up with her girlfriend and has been sued for not taking care of his daughter. Besides this single incident his personal life has been hidden from media. He also has regular interaction session with his fans through twitter. His followers are in million, he actively engaged them with his picture posts and blogs. However he is not a macho man sort of celebrity to upload his shirtless images he is of the other sort and liked by his followers for his uniqueness,


Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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