Chaz Dean was born in Vermont. He was raised by his adopted parents. Very little is known about his biological parents. Although it is rumored that he came from Canada, the exact date of birth as well as when and why he was given out for adoption is not known. He is, however, believed to be 35 to 36 years, meaning he was born between 1980 and 1981. Despite his business success, he maintains close contact with his family.


No formal education details are provided in his biography. However, he went several institutions where he did professional photography courses. Photography inspired him to take cosmetology. He undertook a course in cosmetics in Los Angeles.


After finishing the course, he started out with employment. His first assignment was to assist a large firm to develop their cosmetics product range. It is when undertaking this project that his interest in hair care products matured. Upon successful product line development, he was made a Manager for the salon owned by the firm located in the Bel Air area of LA.

His dedication did not wane. He continued with hard works and savings. When the opportunity came - he was offered a chance to buy the salon - he seized it quickly. He renovated it, brought in high-value clientele. He relocated to a more up-market area - Hollywood - and named it Chaz Salon. His aim was to attract the Hollywood's celebrities.

Chaz Dean is a hair Stylist and he is the most successful and popular stylist in the entire Hollywood. He is loved by many people who are wowed by his creations and all the stars that he works on are grateful to his creations. One of the most successful hair products he created is known as WEN. These include a range of natural extracts shampoo and other hair care products. Since his formulation of the product in 1993, he continued its experiment and tests for the next five years. When he officially launched it into the market, it took the market by storm. His products revitalize the damages caused by other chemical laden hair products. Due to this, his products gained marker acceptance and high-class clientele. He has helped to create many products under his name and this helped to increases his bank balance.  He is a person known to be a kind and also generous.  He keeps experimenting with many things and he is always sure to succeed.

As such it is no wonder then his list of clients is impressive. He is the preferred hair stylist for A class models like Gwyneth Paltron, Alyssa Milano, and Juliana Margulies. There are many other who prefer to remain anonymous. He is a hunk person and there is no doubt when someone sees him.  He is a great man at the same time a great son and he is always ready to make his family proud of him.

Chaz Dean had been able to transform the beauty industry with his shampoo and soap and he has nourishing botanical ingredients which give wonderful results even for frizzy, damaged and dry hair. He is a true pioneer within the green movement and he started to work on the WEN formulation since 1993. He tested his product for over 5 years before the products were made available officially.  He said that he wanted to make a shampoo that it is free from the surfactants, sulphates and detergents that build up after continual usage. These lead to dryness, dullness, friskiness and less color in the hair.


His hair styling products are meant to remoisten dry hair. They use cleansing oils made from natural vegetable oils, essential oils and herbs containing vitamins. These remoisten dry lifeless hair, making it turn glossy through treatment.  His Salon undertakes hair glossing, hair coloring, hair treatments, hair-cuts, blowouts, highlights, lowlights, hair body weavings, up does and hair perms.

Besides hair styling and hair products, Chaz - who has since renamed his salon to Chaz Studio - is also an accomplished photography, model manager and a media celebrity. He does unique photos to captivate the viewers and photography for modeling which he posts constantly onto his website.

In media, he regularly talks on QVC on Flipping Out. This episode highlights the massive three-year renovations to his Chaz Studio.


He is active in several charitable organizations, where donates to the cause of the needy and underprivileged.

Private Life

It is hard to know more information about him since there is little information about his bio. He is white and some say that he is from Canada but this is the only thing known about him. For his age, he may be around 34 to 35 years.  There is no information about his personal life or the person whom she may be dating by now or if he even has a girlfriend or a partner.  It may seem that he is not yet married but since there is no information about him, it is not decisive.  There is no information about his sexual preference and he may be even gay.

Chaz Dean has styled many celebs and he always makes them to be happy. The products lines he has include shampoo with other products and all these made him be even wealthier.  He is still a humble man even if he is successful and he continues to be a great person.  There is no information about him on the wiki but he likes to upgrade the posts and the pictures on his Instagram site so that he can share with them. He has over 26.9 thousand followers on the Instagram and the number increases on the daily basis.  He has posted on the site for over 4000 times and this proves that he is engaged with his followers.

Chaz Dean was adopted at birth and lived in Pennsylvania.

Last Modified: Mar 14, 2020

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