Michele Tafoya

Michele Tafoya is known as sportscaster at NBC Sunday. She is among the female analyst who called UNC-Charlotte men’s Basketball games and she is the first woman who called television play by play for the NCAA tournament game. This is why she is among the most prominent sports broadcaster within the entertainment industry. She had already won two Emmy Awards and the first one was during her first year working with NBC. She won the award because of being an outstanding sports personality for the year 2011 and she got the same award in the year 2013. She did not only get the Emmy awards but she also got two different Gracie Award and the first one was in the year 1997 for the WNBA work while the second was in 2014for the Sunday Night Football. She is among likable TV personnel in the sports. She is ranked as the fourth women in the American Sportscaster Association.

Michele Tafoya had been born in the year 1964 at the Manhattan Beach in California. She got her BA degree of Mass communication from University of California which is based at Berkeley. She attended University of Southern California and she got masters in the business administration in the year 1991.  She started her reporting career when she was working at KFAN-AM of Minneapolis. She also worked for Minnesota Vikings and basketball broadcasts of university of women. She afterwards started to work at the UNC-Charlotte of WAQS-AM. When working in Charlotte, she was using the name Mickey Conley while addressing herself.

Michele Tafoya agrees that she has to juggle between the career and the family and has left the network in order to spend some time with the family. When it comes to her success in monetary terms, she has the net worth of 2 million dollars. She is married, to Mark Vandersall who is a financial adviser based on the Minneapolis. The two are now parents of two beautiful children. She has given birth to the first child in the year 2005 and she said that she was surprised since she was already in her forties and she had already four miscarriages. She said that as a young child, she suffered from Anorexia and she lost over 80 pounds. They adopted a small baby girl after two years of getting their child. Michele Tafoya and her husband are happy and there is no possibility of the divorce now or in the future. There is a time that people were concerned about how Ravens WR Jacoby Jones was flirting with her during the interview but there was nothing more to it.

Even if there were not too many controversies during her career, there is an incident where she poured beer on two fans under his luxury box during a game and he said sorry afterwards. Michele Tafoya has a good salary and she is available on twitter.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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