Don Diamont

Don Diamont is known as Donald Fienberg and was born in the year 1962 in the city of New York. He is one of the four children of Judy with Albert Feinberg.  He had a brother called Jack but he died because of cancer in the year 1990. As a young child, he liked sports and he was doing the cycling with the father and he was thinking on turning it into the career. He is of American Nationality and he belongs to the white ethnicity. He decided to use the name of his mother when he started acting since he thought it was not sounding too Jewish. He is clear about the dislike he has towards the Jewish background.

Don Diamont is a tall man and has a great body. He is over 6 feet of height and he is well built. He likes to work out and to exercise. He says that it is important for him to maintain a good health and this is why he exercises on regular basis. In the year 2006, he was voted to be the Sexiest Soap Hunks for all the times. He became the choice of the People’s Magazine to be one of the most beautiful people around the world.  His shirtless pictures were found at the cover of the Playgirl Magazine two times.

Don Diamont has the history of dating many girls and this is nothing surprising since he is known to have a great personality and he is able to influence every person whom he meets. In 1985, he dated Gloria Loring when they met while shooting a commercial and Gloria was already divorced. They dated for 1 year before they separate. He has stayed a single person for over a decade and he met Rachel Braun in the year 1994 and they got married afterwards. After the wedding, they stayed together for 8 years and they had four children together before they filed for the divorce. After the divorce, he was given the custody of the children. His current wife is Cindy Ambuehl and they have two children together. They are happily married and they have a happy family there is none who is linked to a third person.

Don Diamont had played many movies and these that are the most common ones are the Anger Management, the Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless. In Young and Restless, he played Brad Carlton, a businessman. He had played in different TV shows, Daytime soaps, Operas and stage acts.  He has a net worth which is around 10 million dollars. His first career was in the model and started to act afterwards. He played as Carlo Forenza in the Days of Our Lives and joined the cast in the year 1984 and he started with the show.

Last Modified: Apr 9, 2020

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