Titus Welliver was conceived with his original name as Titus B. Welliver on 12 March 1961 in Connecticut, USA. His father's name is Neil Welliver and his mother's name is Naomi Cripps. His fathers is a professional painter and that is why Titus himself got to learn painting. Similarly, Titus mother was a molding artist. Since his childhood, he was inclined towards art and so wanted to be an actor when grown up. T

itus joined his show consider at New York University and it was in the year 1980 when he finished his instruction and ventured his foot inside the business. He started looking for roles after he completed his education. After his instruction, his profession started in film and TV what's more with the introduction incredible in different commercials. His starting was very slow as he hardly got any roles and did few very small roles in commercials.

Later he started to work on small projects and one that he did was named Where is the Order? which was liked by many directors in the industry. Alongside his Mobster around the same time was likewise a decent story of accomplishment in his profession stage. He started to get fame as he ventured into TV after that. In the wake of working in film, he began introducing himself in TVs too.

Titus married his longtime girlified Joanna Heimbold in 1998 however he couldn't keep the marriage going and so he had to take divorce. He later fell in love with Elizabeth Alexander in 2005. This marriage also didn't last long and he had to take divorce. His third wife is Jose Stemkens whom he married in 2014. He is the father of 3 kids and he is completely opened about his undertaking and dating stories among the media and his fans.

His past stories about his dating have been in the news and he was thought to be a very playboy kind of character. He is currently in a stable relationship with his wife who lives with him in New York at the moment. There is no news of any rift between the couple and the marriage is expected to last long.

Apart from acting eh is also a ver recognized painter. His artworks have been sold for millions in auctions. He often paints when he doesn't have any movie projects to do. His biography can be read on Wikipedia as well as on other websites on the internet. He is also very active on different social media websites such as facebook, twitter, and Instagram. He posts pictures and updates on a regular basis on the social media.

Titus tallness is 5 feet 11 creeps in tall which makes him of an average height. His impressions are good as he is a handsome man. He has amassed a good amount of net worth throughout his career. It is estimated that his total worth is around $5 million. For more details about him, IMDb and Wikipedia pages could be checked. His fans can also follow him on different social media platforms like facebook and twitter.

Last Modified: Nov 15, 2020

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